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Black and White Card Trades // Epcot Stock? // Eeveelution Lunch Box

Hi Everyone!

So, I was going to wait to ask my questions until I made a collection post (first one ever). But! Even though I have all the photos taken, I'm too busy with exams to get everything uploaded and coded for the journal, sooooo...I'm going to do that later. ^^;

First question! I was curious if anyone would be interested in trading TCG cards if I get some Black and White boosters this week? There's only a few cards that I am after, so, unless I have people to trade with, it probably isn't worth me purchasing the cards. I would be interested in trading for Japanese BW cards or any of the earlier series cards of my fav Pokemon (list would be provided when trades are discussed). If anyone would be willing, I think it would be awesome to trade an English booster pack for a Japanese one. ^^; lol. I would be willing to sell cards instead of trade, however, my sales permission is still awaiting a reply, so I can't yet. ^^;

Second question: Does anyone know the current Epcot stock? I know what it was about a month ago. I might be going in a couple weeks and I'm curious if they've gotten new plushies since I was there last.

Also, my friend, sorjei, has an Eeveelution lunch box. We were curious how rare it is? oO" I've never seen one before and think it's super cute!

I want to run away with it! >3

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