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lol collection update i never do these

so i've really gotten into zukans lately. before i had any i just thought they were pretty cool but i didn't need any or anything.
and then i got that ditto bulbasaur zukan and i was hooked.
they are all so tiny and detailed and they even have all the obscure pokemon that don't ever get merchandise. 
so i've decided i want to get my whole kanto team in zukan form (or as close to it as i can get)
this is what i've got so far:

my team consists of: gengar, farfetch'd, wartortle, jolteon, ivysaur, and ninetales.
my #1 want right now is the bulbasaur line zukan. i want it SO BAD. HRRNGG. but the catch is that i am only trading for these guys. because i'm saving money for a car, and i can't really drop $40+ on pokemon right now ;__;

so here's what i have to trade:

i'm willing to trade any of the plush except for squirtle and blubasaur walky, and most of the little figures on top (you can ask about specific ones)

i am also willing to trade custom plush for the ivysaur, jolteon and ninetales lines/pieces. (examples here:
i am willing to make any size plush for these zukan up to 1.5 feet. As far as commissions go, i only open them for as big as 8 inches. So this is really your only chance to get a bigger plush from me if you've ever wanted one ;)

so yes! let me know if you have any of these zukan so we can work out a deal! 

also a question: since i'm almost positive it will be pretty much impossible for me to get my hands on a ninetales zukan without giant wads of cash, are there any cheaper figures that are about the same size as the zukan? or if any of you have like... comparison pictures of the zukan with other ninetales figures that would be super awesome ;)

oh, and for those of you waiting for commissions from me, i am working on them slowly but surely, and i still plan on having them done by the end of the month. no worries~ :)

k thanks for your help guys!
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