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Just a note, for the next couple of weeks it might be a bit hard to get in contact with me - I promise I'm not ignoring you, and I will get back to you. RL drama. FUN.

I recently got in a box from Crescent, which contained 3 orders - 2 different plushies, and one random lot that cost me around $15 with all fees. And it was epic. One plush will be done in a different post though, cuz he's kinda special :x

I'll start off with something I was very excited to receive. Clippy figures! I ended up with about 4 Phanpy though. sorry for kitty hairs all over them

Quilava clips very well!

I is an Xplorer.

Phanpy hangs pretty well too.

Flaaffy is lazy though >:(

Also, THIS.

I can't believe my luck finding this.... And my luck that no one else did, apparently. I was waiting to be outbid all the time.
It's so beautiful, I'm so happy to own it ;_; The only one from this set I'm really interested in getting now is the Persian pin.

Tiny box gashapon. They contain a bunch of tiny cards/stickers. And a metal figure, of course. The anime episode box contains loads of Pidgeotto cards too (if anyone has a Squirtle line based box, let me know)!

Time for some FCS/BS. And the metal figure revealed to be Heracross!

Close up of Ho-Oh. So epic.



And a close up of my fave pair from this set <3

DITTOSPARCE. An upgrade to my tailless one. And - There was more than one! I will sell the other at a later date no doubt.

Someone likes Dunsparce, maybe?

Can you see?

Wobbuffet Pokedoll charm! I love getting random surprise Pokedoll merch.

Side view. He's quite small, but oh so cute <3

Jiggly trio keychain!

And a couple of misc. items :3

Not one of the two plush I mentioned, but a tiny Wobbuffet strap plush!

And this is one of the plush I got. He was, at first, what I thought expensive, but later it turns out I got a bargain XD

The larger Totodile from the mystery series. He was bigger than I thought :x But oh so beautiful.

Comparison to 1/1 scale Toto!


And comparison with a smaller one, from ryunwoofie.

That's it for now. I do have a sales post lined up, but I won't be selling anything else until I'm certain I'll have the time.
Tags: ditto, dunsparce, flaaffy, phanpy, quilava, totodile, vulpix, wobbuffet
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