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grail-get, collection update, photos, and pan sticker lot sale

Hello, hello! I figured now would be a good time to do a collection update. ^^

I was super lucky recently to stumble on an Eeveelution grail of mine (photos under the cut), plus I've gotten several misc. items that have made their way into my collection. Also, I've been going to the Botanical Garden in my area on Sunday the past three weeks and taken several figures with me to photograph, and I thought I'd share of few of the photos with you guys. :D

And now for my grail...

A grail of mine -- Eeveelution Tin! I've only ever seen one other on the community this past year, and I got seriously excited when this popped up on eBay. I had to take a photo of all the sides, because it's such a pretty tin. ^^

And last, the top! I love the little Eevee on the top of the tin. So excited to have it. ^^

I bought this Derpy Eevee plush because it looks so funny. I call it the Chihuahua Eevee. Heh.

Beautiful plush made by Usako! Elesa and Dent! I love them. They're both so cute and wonderful. :D They're both grails all on their own because they're both so awesome.

Espeon/Umbreon Coin Purse. It's so pretty. :) I also bought the apron that has the same pattern, but didn't take a photo of it.

Round Eeveelution Charm set.

Pokedolls! I love how soft Whimsicott is.

Fukuoka Miju and Miju Pokedoll pin.

Stamp sets - the empty spots are from the stamps my sisters took. i have a slight stamp addiction. XD

I bought a lot recently on eBay, and the items below are what I kept from it. ^^

Stamps! I'm looking forward to stamping some stuff. ;D

Plusle and Minun stamps! My favorites are the pokeball stamps and the clear figure stamps that light up -- both still work, too. :D

Keychains and Pin set. ^^

Pikachu and Pokabu Chous!

Here are two of my shelves -- I've re-arranged some things, spread out the Eeveelutions. I just have my Chikorita shelf, in addition to this, and the items on my desk/desk shelf. :D

And now for the Garden Photos:

To see more of my photos, go here:

and...I bought a lot of Pan stickers on Y!Japan, and I'd like to sell the stickers I'm not keeping as a small lot. Here they are:

I'd like $15 for all of them. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm still missing Payment #2 from a few members for the Super Awesome Kids GAdooman58 , eins_zwei_nein , monta , poptartdino , and ombation . PLEASE contact me so I can get your kids to you.


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