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Hello everyone! Doing some sales and offers here because very unexpected bills came up. <3 I hope you find what you like! There are everything ranging from plush, zukans, shining pokemon tcgs, and more. Thanks for looking!

Offers on RARE Latias Plush and HGSS DOORHANGER. Teaser pic shown.

And sales! Teaser pic shown. xD MOARE STUFF INSIDE <3


These will be very quick offers and will end when I feel like it in a day or MAX of TWO days. Thanks!

Up for offers is a super rare plush from the 2002 Latios/Latias Movie promotion. The tag is for the pair of them as you can see. Latias is in excellent condition and never been played with. AM NOT selling Latios unless I get some insane offer xD.

Next up, from what I recall, is an unofficial DOORHANGER in a UK magazine a loonggg time ago. It features Lyra and Ethan on the front/back. The DOORHANGER is 11.5 inches. Almost one foot.

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 11/10/10
-I ship from California, USA
-I do ship internationally
-24 hours with no reply and item will go to the next person
-Because of new postal rates, most shipping starts at $2.50 to cover cost of shipping supplies and shipping itself. Of course, flats like TCGs and the like will vary!
-As always, you can ask for a quote before you buy!
-If you want delivery confirmation, insurance, signature confirmation, let me know at the time of purchase
-PayPal only
-I am NOT responsible for lost mail. Proof of shipping will be provided upon request

Plush: Great condition, no hang tags, have tush tags

Pokedoll Lucario 2005 - $7
Banpresto Totodile 2009 - $5
Banpresto Rayquaza 2004 - $5
Pokedoll Bonsly 2005 - $5

**Cyndaquil pictured on right is from this CCRAZZYYY GA

Talking Cyndaquil Mint with tags - $20
Cyndaquil from crazy GA Mint with tags - $20

Zukan minty mint:

Noctowl line - $10
Granbull line - $5
Porgyon line - $4

Trading Cards:

Shining Charizard - $18  SELLING AS IS.
There are few scratches on the foil part of the card. The stuff that looks like hecka sratches are actually part of the foil xD From what I see, the foil goes diagonally. One big scratch line from the near end of the tail to the side. Purchased like this. Also, if you look closely there is a very light purpley highlighting colour on the "ing C" of the card. In a sleeve these things are barely noticeable. Worse than it looks. xD The rest of the card is just fine.

Shining Mewtwo MINT - $30
Shining Mew MINT - $35


Mawile - $3
Butterfree - $3
Shiny Dustox - $10

All $0.75
SOLD: Tangrowth, Gliscor, Rhyperior, Sudowoodo


Dento/Cilan iPod Touch 4th Gen back skin - $4
I ordered this and already had a skin so yeah. It's like a protective sticker, so it doesn't have to be for an iPod. You can cut it out to fit anything you want to stick it on. =)


Ho-Oh PLAMO set - $6
Darkrai Buildable figure - stands at 7 inches tall. Removeable legs. $4
Giratina Ichiban Keychain - $4

Staraptor ON A BOAT - $2
Pokemon Playset featuring Pokemon Gym and Lapras - $3

OH YEAH. I'm buying Paras Applause Plush and Charmeleon Applause Pl
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