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Goodbye Eeveelutions Emergency Sales

Hello Community!

I must say it was sure fun collecting all these things, but I have run into even more financial difficulty and really cannot collect anymore. I want these guys to go to great homes of community members who would love to have these in their collection. All items will be up for direct sale. I am pretty set on the prices, but may be willing to negotiate.





Eeveelutions Extravaganza!!!

From left to right:

-Flareon Tomy Figure- $5
-Flareon Normal Kid- $5 on hold
-Flareon Clear Kid- $5
-Flareon Attack Kid- $7
-Flareon Attack Kid with red flames on body- $7


From left to right:

-Jolteon Old Attack Kid- $7
-Jolteon Normal Kid- $7
-Jolteon Clear Kid- $5
-Jolteon NEW Kid- $8
(can't see if picture- ask if interested) Jolteon Full-Color Stadium Figure: $7


From left to right:

-Umbreon Normal Old Kid- $10 on hold
-Umbreon Jakks Figure- $10
-Umbreon JUMBO kid- $12
-Umbreon Pencil Topper- $15  
-Umbreon Chupa Chup- $50
-Umbreon Chou Gett- $15
-Umbreon bootie- $2 (ask for pics)


From left to right:

-Espeon Jakks- $10
-Espeon kid up front (old one)- $12
-Espeon kid (in back, newer one)- $8
-Espeon kid (face pointed in air)- $12 on hold
-Espeon Chou Gett- $15
-Espeon Keshipoke- $30
-Espeon Chupa Chup- $50
-Espeon Pencil Topper- $15
-Espeon bootie- $2 (ask for pics)


Glaceons: (hard to see) please ask for additional pics

-Glaceon Jakks Plush (In background) NOT SELLING AS OF YET- MAY WANT TO KEEP THIS
-Glaceon Regular Kid- $7
-Glaceon Mouth open attacking- $7
-Glaceon Mouth slanted with ear slanted attacking kid- $7 on hold
-Glaceon Palace Figure- $12 on hold
-Glaceon Chou Gett- $15
-Glaceon Crystal Keychain- $18 on hold
-Glaceon Jakks- $15
-Glaceon Chibi Strap Figure- $18
-Glaceon Chupa- $75 (I actually paid $110 for it recently- sorry its so high, but it's my grail) 
-Glaceon bootie (ask for pics) $3


-Leafeon Jakks Plush (In background) NOT SELLING AS OF YET- MAY JUST KEEP THIS. IT'S TOO CUTE!!!
-Leafeon Palace Figure- $12 on hold
-Leafeon Chou Gett- $15
-Leafeon Jakks- $10 
-Leafeon Battle Stadium- $25
-Leafeon Chupa- $75 (what i paid for it)
-Leafeon Regular kid- $7
-Leafeon Attack Kid- $7on hold


-Vaporeon Jakks (with painted frill by moi)- $12 on hold
-Vaporeon Tomy (new)- $7
-Vaporeon Tomy (old) -$7
-Vapreon Tomy Keychain (beautiful little vappy lol) - $15
-Vaporeon Regular kid- $5
-Vaporeon Clear Kid- $4
-Vaporeon old kid (not greenish in color)- $8
-Vaporeon with waterfall around it- $10
-Vapreon Attacking- Pouncing- $8

-Vaporeon FCS Figure- $7

I have 3 Jakks figures still in the box for sale, which are Umbreon, Espeon, and Leafeon. They will be $12.50 shipped out of box, and $14 shipped in box.

And lastly, I have a minor Skitty side collection:

All skitty Plush are 'Make me an offer'
 Sold: the second skitty from the left.

Figures- $3 a piece... some are a little beat up as you can see.

All items can be combined with my regular sales which is here: All items up for sale DO NOT include shipping. Any questions or additional pics, please ask because I really didn't have time to take a pic of every single figure.

Additional Pic Requests: (If you asked for additional pics, they will be posted here)

 Jolteon FCS is the figure up front: The clear is gone, and the normal one is still available.

Glaceon Bootie:

Glaceon attack kid (slanted mouth, crooked grin):

The only Glaceon attack kid I have left

Umbreon old kid ($10):



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