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Sales Post Time!~ (with added Collection Update and Wanted Plushie!)

The announcement of 3 very adorable new Pokedolls means I've got more space I need to make! So - it's Sales Post time! There are a couple of items for auction and the rest of the items are regular sale - Pokedolls, Plush and lots of Kids looking for new homes! :D

Here is a sneaky teaser - there is lots more under the cut!~

*Sales Terms*
* I ship from the UK, but will ship anywhere!
* Payment is via Paypal only
* No item holds
* If you ask for a shipping quote - oce I've replied please let me know if you'd like the item(s) or not - it helps me keep track of things ^_^
* I will be shipping items within 7 days
* Auction items end at 10:00pm GMT this Saturday  (find out what this is in your time zone here!www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html )

Now onto the goodies!

Large Electronic Lugia Figure - Still works perfectly, but please note he has sun damage from sitting in a window, so some of the plastic is yellowy - looks awesome on a shelf though! - Up for auction starting at $10
Banpresto Espeon Halloween Plush - In perfect condition with both tags - Up for auction below starting at $10

Arceus Pokedoll (Japanese Minky - has both tags) - $14
Plusle Pokedoll (Japanese Verboa - has been tag clipped) - $12 Sold!
Minun Pokedoll (Japanese Verboa - tush tag only) - $15 Sold!
Gengar Pokedoll (Japanese - tush tag only) - Up for auction below starting at $10

(No hang tags unless stated)
Skymin Promo Purse - $4
Jaks Wobbuffet Plush - $5
Pokemon Center Plus Pokeball - $10
Tomy/Hasbro Gengar Plush - $6 Sold!
Duskull Plush (unsure of make!) - $6
Hoppip Tomy Plush (the larger Hoppip) - $10
Mudkip Tomy/Hasbro Plush - $10
Combee Banpresto Plush - $15
Laying Mudkip Plush - $6
Mini Hoppip Plush: - $5
Koffing Beanie Plush: - $5
Mini Piplup Plish: $3

Large Figure Lot - Mostly Pokemon Kids (including some clears) - along with some Zukan sets and small figures - there are over 50 figures here!~ I'm looking for around $40-45 shipped for this lot - there are some great figures here, I just dont have time to sell them all seperately :(

Rare UK Promotional Pokemon Platinum A2 Poster - this is a huge poster made of high quality card/paper - it was never available for sale, and was sent to UK sotres to promote the game. It is in excellent condition, apart from one small pin hole at the middle top of the poster - It has the same image on both sides - Up for auction below starting at $5

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Also, a quick wanted item! I'm currently hunting for a very specific Plush - this cutie is the Clefairy plushplush:

I am not looking for her, but her sister! The Clefairy plushplush was released in the US with slightly different fabric and embroidered/sewn eyes - If you have one for sale or have seen one, pelase let me know - she can be in any condition- I'm willing to pay a lot to get my hands on one! <3

Lastly, I've been working on my collection site, adding some more things! My entire Pokedoll plush collection is now up, and I'm now adding more merch ^_^ Please take a look if you get a chance!~ amitysquare.co.uk

Happy Collecting Everyone!~
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