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Payment #2 due + leftover pan stickers sale

Alrighty! I have finally calculated shipping for all of you (except some people who didn't claim their stickers for free) for the Pan sticker GA!

GA members, please read this before you pay for the shipping:

It might be weird to some people that I am charging that much shipping for JUST the stickers. The problem is that my post office tends to weigh just EVERYTHING, even small envelopes with small bumps on them. So even if they have the tiniest bumps, the shipping can go up to 1.22$ within the US. Stupid, isn't it? So people, I dearly apologize for giving you those shipping prices, but I don't want to end up in negative numbers, just because I did calculate shipping wrong (even though USPS.com says it). There are some others though, which only got like 2 stickers and that's it, those will have lesser payments of course. You did also get stickers for free from me and karoia, so adding up some cents won't be that horrible right?

Also, this is important too. If there are stickers that you would like to get, you can purchase some of them now. If you want to get some others, DON'T SEND ME THE MONEY YET, so you don't have to pay me twice and I can calculate it for the extra stickers you want to buy + shipping. Thank you for understanding! :)

Also, these two people sentret_draws (3) and mommymoose (2) did not claim their free stickers yet. The numbers after your name indicate how many stickers you can claim for free. Just comment here and I will calculate the shipping for you later :)

Got until here? Good! Here are your totals:


Please send your payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com, thank you! :)


Here are pictures of the leftovers that were unclaimed. The black dotted stickers mean they were claimed and you can't get them! There MIGHT have been some that I have missed, since it's hard to keep track of all of them, so if you want to get any, just ask! :)

Here they are:

All of them are 1$, except Plusle and all Minun are 1.25$

All of these are 1$, except Geodudes are 0.50$ each, and all Gibles, Rampardos and Cranidos/Rampardos are 1.25$.

All of these are 1$, except Murkow/Honchkrow is 1.25$ and Swablu and Altaria are 1.50$.

All of these are 1$, except Garchomps, Numels and Lucario are 1.25$ each and Absols are 1.50$ each.

All of these are 1$, except Beautiflies are 1.25$ each.

All of these are 1$, except Blazikens are 1.50$ and Chingling/Chimecho is 1.25$.

All of these are for 1$, except Tropius is 1.50$, Vileplume and Kecleons are 1.25$ and Burmys and Weepinbell are 0.50$ each.

All of these are 1$, except Giratinas, Dialgas, Arceus, Suicune and Shaymin are 1.25$ each.

All of these are 1$.

All of these are 1$.

All of these are 1$, except Seedot is 0.50$.

All of these are 1$, except MimeJr/MrMime, Aipom/Ambipom and the double Aipom are 1.25$.

Thank you people! :)
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