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Sell me your Totodilez! X3 - Wants and short collection update as well(-^.=.^-)

Hi dudes!(-^.=.^-)

Couldn't post a proper update for quite some time but I collected a lot of cool new items and made a video for you which means it's time again for:

Sorry that it is a rushed video. I'll make some more photos when I have time for a proper update!(~.=.o)
I wanna call you all for the help on getting things which are my new WANTS currently but I also say:
If it is Totodile then please offer it to me, hehehe! Always on the search for something I can add to my collection! X3

There are lots of things I search! If you have anything of these for sale I will love you for writing me here X3
Some items are just too awesome! I loved that inflatable Totodile from the Pokémon Videogame Championships and I heard there was a Totodile mascot in the past. These would such holy grails for my collection I say, hahaha(-^.=.^-)
Also that Gag manga called something with Kobo shown here on the left would be awesome to get. At this place I wanna tell you that I'm currently thinking about creating a Totodile website and I will post lots of my collection there then.
I love the Pokémon manga so please, if you know a scanlation for "Pokémon HG/SS: Jou's Great Adventure" or can give me lots of different scans from manga books of Totodile then I would be totodily happy. I want any Japanese books or manga with Totodile in it(~.=.o)

Before coming to an end a little meme for those who like Totodile:
Which not yet released items of Totodile would you find awesome? For me it would be these:
-Totodile pooltoy or big inflatable
-Totodile alarm clock that shouts "Totodile!"
-Totodile bubbleblowing statue thingie(a big figure that has a bubble making machine inside and spits bubbles when turned on)

Thanks for reading! Here are some of my latest cosplay photos:(-^.=.^-)

Hoped you had fun! And don't forget:
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