Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

Price/Rarity check of sorts, and collection site!

Ok! So... I need some help. What would you consider the rarity of these/What would you pay for them? They are from KFC in 1998, when they had the plush for toys! I was going to put these on eBay, but I have NO idea what to even start the auction at. So, I figured coming to you guys was my best bet. :D Anyways, enough talking, unto the pictures! Why did I take 71 pictures?!

Entei and Raikou for size comparisons!

Ok, so, there's all of the pictures of them I think. O_O SO many pictures. AH. Took forever to make this post.

ANYWAYS. I made a collection site after a few of you said I should make one! :D Link is here!
It isn't complete yet, but will be in a few weeks or so! :D Thankies guys! 

Edit! Also thought this was, uh, interesting.

Also, I'm looking for the 10th anniversary starter pokedolls! (except for Chikorita.) Specifically, the Johto ones! :D I just love Johto. Anyone selling them? Or any of the others under the cut?  :3


All of these plush are grails for me (especially the pikachu case!!). Any help with finding them would help!<3

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