The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet (sapphire_kun) wrote in pkmncollectors,
The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

bottlecaps have arrived!

So these finally arrived at my home yesterday afternoon! I spent the evening getting them packed for y'all :)


check the spreadsheet to see what you owe for shipping. I will get them sent TODAY if you send payment by 4pm EST payment can be made to be sure to include your LJ username and your shipping address!

There are also a ton of extras! I'm looking to get $1 each for them; please comment to claim and I will give you an updated total since if you get a few it might change shipping costs!

GA participants only please! Will make them available to everybody when the GA folks are all set.

1x weavile
3x mime jr
3x bonsly
9x swellow
5x munchlax
8x pikachu

If your name is in purple on the spreadsheet, I forgot to note whether you were US or international D: Just remind me and I'll get you your total ASAP!

That should be all! I am probably going to be taking a hiatus from the community after all these guys are squared away. I have a huge bin of plush and toys and I'm debating if I should sell it as a lot on ebay or break it down into a sales post; since I would like it sold quickly. I know this debacle has tried peoples trust in me so I don't feel entirely kosher doing sales so soon.

Thank you so much for your patience with me D:!
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