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Big Friends Plush GA!!!

So I was going through SMJ today and saw this crazy awesome lot. It has about 2 and a half days and I think we could pull it off!
-Granted sales permission 1/26/2011 by dakajojo
-I’m claiming a skitty, a mew, a raichu, dratini, vileplume, chikorita, torchic and squirtle for $40
-There are doubles of a lot of plush
-I don’t know what condition they are in, besides that they are open
-Most look like they are friends plush, but I see other small stuffed animals in there too
-Bidding ends Saturday at 12:00 (noon) Pacific Standard Time I will be checking your time stamps…
-That said DON’T SNIPE!!!!
-2 Payments
-Auction + to me
-Shipping from me to you
-Be ready to pay right away
-No deleting bids
-All plush start at $2
-Respond to the previous bid
-Bids are in increments of $1

Wait until all threads are up

Threads are up. I tried to start from the top left of the picture. Bid away! Bidding is done!!!!

Word of warning, some plush I have guessed, like flareon/eevee. I can't tell :(
*Flareon/Eevee is an eevee*

Remember I have offers which end on Saturday!
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