Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update with photostory :)))))))))

 Hi everyone! 
I've been waiting for things to arrive, but now most of them are here so collection update time :)))))))
Warning image heavy :)))))))))
First a box from dezchu 

Yay zorua stamp XDXD

I was really surprised how huge it was XDXD

Here she is! :D

I just love her so much :)))))))))))))
and my B&W collection so far :
Blacktail the Charity pokabu is from  blackfruitbat 
and pokemon white with the art folio is from nanoplasm 
Thank you so much :))))))))
Also i gave Reshi a blue collar thingy, which Pokabu has too :))))))))
I didn't really like how Reshi's ear-hair thingies were sticking away from her head. So i decided to solve that problem :))))))) Now it's perfect :)))))))
All these kids are from mana_mihara :)))))))
poor little seel had a pink mark on him so i decided to repaint him :)))))))
Also i repainted raikou and sneasel too.
So before
And after
You can pretty much see the difference :))))
 And now the photostory :)))
Nayo: So who arrived?
Blacktail: I have no idea...
Blacktail: Oh i see something now! 

Blacktail: So who are you?
Dialga: i'm dialga
Pichu: And Pichu
 Dialga is a bit loved but pichu is in perfect condition :))))) Thank you chibichimp 

After a wash sadly dialga's things on him legs came off....
Right now i'm working on a replacement for those things :)))))))
And finally i found this at my local toy shop :
These 2 sets were available. One with mystery landmin and the other with mystery skymin:))))
And of course i went for skymin :)))) But i do plan on getting the other one too. That raichu is growing on me XDXD

I was after this kid :))))) He is so cute :))))))))
hebilea had a sticker competition some time ago and i won :))))) 
They already arrived too :)))))) 

Thank you very much again for this great competition :))))))))
Thanks for reading :)))))))))))))))
Tags: chingling, dewgong, dialga, drapion, empoleon, garchomp, groudon, ho-oh, pichu, piplup, ponyta, raikou, reshiram, seel, shaymin, sneasel, sunflora, tyranitar
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