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Some slightly bad news...

Regarding my pokedoll GA....
I ran into a financial snag just today, and because it's a Y!J auction that requires payment by credit card, I am unable to handle bidding and probably shipping. This most likely means I will be relinquishing my claim on Ho-oh as well.
However, there's still time, and if anyone is willing to take over, please PM me and I'll send you the auction link.
I'm so sorry to everyone involved in this, as this certainly doesn't reflect well on me... Rest assured, I will not let this happen again, and might even do another GA soon, as our very own ryunwoofie has some things they'd like to get rid of, and handling that GA does not require a credit card.
Again, I'm so sorry, and hope this doesn't affect anyone's opinion of me. :( This was, after all, completely unexpected.
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