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Black/White TRU Pickups :D

First things first, how CUTE is my new sales banner?

UPDATE: Redone this entry, went back to pick up the first batch of store run items. Took note of all the good stuff they had in stock! PLEASE LOOK! Lots of merch added!!

• 3 Pokemon Children Backpacks $20/each

• 4-Piece Jakks Cylinder Set $20
    - 2x (Zoroark, Pikachu, Tepig, Pidove)
    - 2x (Reshiram, Oshawott, Sandile, Zorua)
    - 2x (Zekrom, Snivy, Munna, Pikachu)
    - 2x (Gallade, Wobuffet, Chimecho, Meditite)
    - 2x (Girafarig, Hoothoot, Togepi, Porygon-2)

• Pokemon Micro-Playset $20
    - 1x "Ghost"
    - 2x "Snow Adventures"
    - 2x "Underground Cave"

•  Pokemon City Battle Playset $25

• Jakks Figures $10/each
    - 1x Oshawott
    - 1x Happy Pikachu
    - 2x Tepig
    - 2x Snivy
    - 1x Zorua
    - 1x Zoroark
    - 1x Zekrom
    - 1x Reshiram
    - 1x Munna
    - 2x Ho-Oh
    - 2x Wooper
    - 3x Meowth
    - 1x Quagsire
    - 2x Sneasel
    - 1x Misdreavus

• Foam Pokeballs $6
    - 1x Pokeball
    - 1x Ultraball
    - 1x Greatball
    - 1x Heavy Ball

• Electronic Plush $20.00
    - 4x Croagunk
    - 3x Happiny
    - 1x Prinplup

• Plushes (Regular) $10
    - 2x Happiny
    - 1x Buneary
    - 1x Togekiss
    - 1x Pachirisu
    - 1x Munna

• 4x Pokemon figure Carry Case $20/each

• Big Figures $18
    - 1x Reshiram
    - 2x Zekrom

• Attack Figures $11
    - 1x Oshawott
    - 1x Snivy
    - 1x Pikachu
    - 1x Tepig

• Jakks Set-of-3 Figures $15
    - 1x Snivy, Zorua, Pidove
    - 1x Zorua, Sandile, Oshawott

• Pop n' Battle $13
    - 1x Snivy
    - 2x Tepig
    - 1x Oshawott

• [TCG] World of Illusions Box $20 (Celebi and Zoroark)

• [TCG] Black and White Theme Decks $20 (Quantity: Enough. I wasn't going to count, they had more than 4 of each XD)
    - Samurott
    - Serperior
    - Emboar

• [TCG} Starter Tins $22 (quantity: See above)

• [TCG] Clash of Legends Box $22
    - Darkrai and Cresselia
    - Dialga and Palkia

Reversible plush - I got the LAST THREE so I have ONE tepig ONE Snivy and ONE oshawott.

They are $20 each

Oshawott - SOLD

Shipping in the US will go USPS parcel post/first class, Priority upon request.

 If your item goes out of stock between the time you pay and the time I get to the store, I WILL issue a FULL refund immediately upon my return home! :)

SHIPPING IN THE US: Reversible Plush shipping is $5 + $1 for each additional item up to 4 items, after 4 items, additional shipping is free. I hope that makes sense.

Smaller items will ship under $5 in either a small box or a large envelope, whichever I find first. If you would like the figure removed from its packaging for even cheaper shipping, PLEASE let me know :) I'd be happy to do it!!

International shipping: Please inquire! It requires scales and calculators and crap

And Discussion!! Because pkmncollectors is about bonding and discussion and friendship too!

1. Human trainers, we all love them and we want merch of them, If some artists got together and made Buttons, prints and even 13x19 posters of human trainers/human pokemon characters (Tangible goods that can be put in collections, not digital files!), who would you want to see? Player characters? Rivals? Champions like STEVEN STONE or CYNTHIA? Random anime characters that you're bizarrely fangirling over and sometimes you feel you're the only one N? Of course N. Everyone loves N.

2. Speaking of Champions, who is the coolest, in your opinion, and why? For me, its Steven Stone. because he's steven stone. thats right.
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