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Collection Post including Plush, Figures,TCG and more

Hi PKMNCollectors! ^^

I've been wanting to make a collection post since I joined over a month ago, but I kept putting it off. First it was because the majority of my collection was at home. Then it was because I'm almost constantly waiting for packages now that I've joined this community (dangerous on my wallet. O: lol). But, I've had people interested in trading TCGs lately, so I had to take photos of all of the cards in my binder. While I was doing that, I thought I might as well take pictures of the rest of my collection. lol.

Here's my favorite picture of the bunch -

Mincinno, Pachirisu, and Emolga were gets from my birthday visit to Epcot. I was so surprised to see Black and White characters out already at that time. First time being to Epcot since I revived my love of Pokemon. I wish I would've realized this love earlier when I saw Houndour a few years back. Oh well! ^^;

Perler Bead pieces! ^^ First one was a contest prize for a friend and the second was a birthday gift for another friend.

Perler Beads: Double Mew Power
by =risha on deviantART
One of my first Perler Bead pieces that I did last year.

Eevolutions in Paper by =Neko-daewen on deviantART
Told my friend I would show this off here 'cause I just think it is SO AWESOME! She made this entirely out of cut paper pieces. oO"

OKAY! Onto the items -

TOMYs! ^^ Found these packed up in the garage. I'm going to keep a handful of them, but I'm hoping to sell or trade the rest.

Jesse and James! Koffing and Ekans were in there too. I <3 James. Apparently, even as a kid, I liked Team Rocket better than the main characters. lmao.

My plushie pile! I know all of these aren't Pokemon, but I didn't want to take apart the pile just to take photos. ^^;

Close up of the section where most of the Pokemon are.

Close up of the figures and charms in the front. I also have a few more charms and figures at home that need to be brought to my apartment. I should add my TCG coins here too. I'm looking for Mew one if anyone has one they're willing to part with. ^^; Also, looking for a Mew cell phone charm/strap. Also, look for the Tepig figure that came with the preview tin. ^^;

More plushies! Seel and Vulpix are in the pile. The other three...I'm looking to sell or trade. Does anyone know what they're worth? I don't know much about them. Charmander and Squirtle feel like bath toys and Pikachu is some kid plush.

TCG Tins

TCG Links
PLEASE NOTE: I am currently not setting up trades at the moment. If you are interested in particular cards, you are free to mention that. I am in the middle of exam week at college and do not have time to set up trades. Also, I cannot sell cards at the moment, as my sale permission is awaiting an answer. I will most likely start setting up trades in about 2 weeks. Thank you! ^^

Main Collection - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35218.html#cutid1
A-M - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35576.html#cutid1
N-Z - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35787.html#cutid1

I feel like I should clarify the TCG links. The "Main Collection" are the Pokemon I actively collect. Those cards are not for trade unless I have doubles...which may be possible (but in most cases it is unlikely). A-M and N-Z are the rest of my cards which I don't care about collecting as much as the ones in my main collection. There are still Pokemon and particular cards in those posts that I would like to keep. The majority will be up for trade though. It's mostly a card-by-card basis.

Also, I'm interested in getting more pins similar to this one (as opposed to button badge pins) -
Is anyone trading or selling any?

Thanks for looking! ^^

~ Risha
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