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Reminder + another GA arrived + Leftover sales

Those people who have bought pan stickers from me yesterday, or paid for shipping, all of those were shipped out today!!

There are still a lot of people who did not pay me yet for the shipping of their pan stickers from the pan sticker GA:

Also, there are still A LOT of pan stickers that haven't been claimed, so take a look and get yourselves some if you would like :)

Here is the link to the journal:


Now, today, ANOTHER GA has arrived to my home!!!

There are A LOT of things that have not been claimed, so I putting the leftovers on sale for ANYBODY (not only GA participants) and just ANY offers. Those who participated, here are your totals for the shipping:


spideyroxas, you know I am waiting for another GA to arrive, so I will just combine shipping for you later :)

jerybunny, your two HG/SS boxes are too large and I do not have any big box/envelope to put them in. I will go to the post office tomorrow to look for one and then I will PM you, hope that is okay!

vaporleon, I did not get your zip/country, so you will have to give it to me here.

Please send your payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com :)

Alright, so here are the things that are available for sales:

2 HG/SS clearfiles. One has just Pikachu on both sides, the other one has Lugia and Ho-Oh on the two sides.

Two HG/SS posters and two sheets of stickers.

Custom Raichu hat, Giratina Jakks and Cyndaquil Banpresto? Cyndaquil has no tags.

Some random Diamond/Pearl book in Japanese from the anime.

Leftover figures, you can ask me on their conditions :)

A few random kids.

Other figures. Sharpedo can open his mouth.

PIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. A lot of them are pencil toppers.

Random Char line items :)

ALSO, I have made another leftovers post some time ago, and a lot of things haven't been claimed there, so here is a link if you would like to take a look:


Thank you for looking! <333
Tags: figures, group auction, kids, plush, sales
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