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I know how Jakks has... Distributed well this go round! Sadly, I haven't gotten an update on them, AKA the company I ordered them from has not received them for distribution yet. I've had a few questions about this, and just to over my own bum, I did make not that their release date was April, but we may have to wait til early May for them. I will be sending them out as soon as I possibly can once they are delivered, though. The items are on Backorder according to my order form, due to the item not being in stock yet. To explain it from the site,
          "Pre-order this item now! Although this item may arrive at any time, we estimate the manufacturer to release this item in the month and year listed next to the item (for example, November 2010). Please note that this date is estimated and is subject to change at any time due to possible, and often likely, manufacturer delays. Upcoming items may also be cancelled at any time and without notice. Therefore, after you order, please check your account for updated availability information. We ship on a first-come, first served basis, so your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received (some exceptions apply). We will not charge your credit card until the item comes in stock."
So, I haven't run off with your cash! If anything comes up, and they... Don't stock them or whatever for some crazy reason, full refunds will be given. Do not worry, your money is 100% safe with me, and I (consider myself, at least) to be a pretty active member of the community.
As stated before, I will be giving updates to you all AS SOON as I am able to after notification of our order being ready.

Any questions, please feel free to let me know.

I will currently be running this fabulous GA with two items I have been seeking out like NOBODY'S business. It has a BIN, so I'll be running it as a group auction for 3 days, and I'm sure we'll be able to make it there in no time. Discounts will be given if the bids go high enough. 
I'm terribly. Terribly sorry, guys... I forgot to lock the post, and the lot was bought.
**I will be claiming Kadabra and Hypno for $11 together.
**The items will start at $3 a piece, and will run until April 26th, at 2 AM EST AKA 11 PM PST.
**Standard GB rules apply, NO sniping, and NO backing out or deleting bids. I'll know. Any bid placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction will have it extended 5 minutes past the end time til you guys wear each other out.
**Shipping will be from the US, and there will be two payments total. Shipping from the seller in Japan to me, then to you. I will most likely be sending in enforced envelopes since they are so small and flat, and as long as the USPS still considers them letters, shipping will be under $1. If not, it will remain under $2, as (as far as I know) packages now start at $1.71. This will be sorted out upon arrival.
**This lot is a BIN lot, so once we raise said amount, I will go ahead and buy it. Any added amount after that will go towards shipping from them to me, and then towards discounts all around. Once this is bought, I will send everyone individual notifications of how much they owe.
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