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Snorlax cards and Customs

Hello all!

Today I bring you my collection of Snorlax cards and a couple more Pokemon cross stitches I have done. Hope you enjoy them. =D

English TCG Cards

English Cards 1
The cards in the middle row are all holo and go (from left to right) 1st edition, unlimited, and error (no jungle symbol).

English Cards 2
I caved and finally bought a normal (non-reverse-holo) Snorlax from the Lengendary Collection despite the reused artwork.

English Cards 3
I really like the way the Snorlax in the Snorlax LV. X card is bursting out of the frame. In general I think that it's a very nice looking card.

English Cards 4
Unfortunately, you can't really tell in this picture, but the first card on the page has a gold "STAFF" stamp. It's there. Promise. ; )

Japanese TCG Cards

Japanese Cards 1
As mentioned above I am fond of the Snorlax LV. X card. I am also particularly fond of the Hungry Snorlax (middle row, left) - he looks so lovably huggly and fuzzy!, the Rocket's Snorlax (middle row, right) - looks to me like he's passed out in an alleyway, and the Snorlax from the e-Card 5 (Skyridge in English) expansion (bottom row, middle) - he looks so content and relaxed. Despite the fact that I like the Rocket's Snorlax card I didn't clue in to the fact that there are errors in how Snorlax was drawn until I was going to use it as a reference for a picture. Despite its flaws I still like the artwork. =)

Japanese Cards 2
You can't really tell in the photo but the bottom left card is a holo.
The bottom right card is a bootleg. X/ I bought it off of a friend of my brother's back in the day and didn't realize it was fake until much, much later.

Japanese Card Booklet
Japanese Card Booklet - Inside
The Hungry Snorlax card was available two ways: with the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD and inside an N64 folder. The loose Hungry Snorlax I have is supposed to be from the CD so I decided to get the folder with the Snorlax card still stuck to it. =3
Now, in some auctions I have seen the folder comes with a CD. Does anyone know what is on this CD?

Random English Cards

English Cards 5
English Cards 6

English and Spanish Lamincards. I like the look of the images on clear plastic.

Random Japanese Cards
Japanese Cards 3
The card (well, sticker) in the middle gives us a glimpse of the rare Vamplax.
My favourites of these cards are probably the left and middle cards in the middle row and the card (sticker) in the bottom row.

Japanese Cards 3 - Back
Some of the art on the back of the cards is pretty cute too.

If you happen to know of any Snorlax tcg cards I'm missing please fling that info my way. = ) Seems like whenever I think I've managed to snag them all I soon find out I'm actually still missing some.

Cross Stitched Pokemon
Colonel Snorlax - Retired
I enjoyed dressing up my Snorlax in SoulSilver with a top hat and moustache and so decided to cross stitch the image. May I present, Colonel Snorlax - Retired.

Chansey ornament
This is a small cross stitched Chansey I made as an ornament for a small fake pine tree. The decorated tree was given to a friend as a gift, and unfortunately, I only seem to have this webcam pic of the ornament. Apologies for the blurry quality and the washed out colours.

Thanks for looking. =D
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