Phantom Ghost Girl.Name: Mary. (phantomggirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Phantom Ghost Girl.Name: Mary.

Collection update and new

I got some new things at toys r us, went back and found some BW things <3I have never seen some of them before, tons of new stuff butI got most of it! Check it out under the cut :D
First off, my gets! I got these lately in the mail, and from toys r us. I got a jakks Espeon whern I called up and they held one for me, went over and got the rest of the stuff <3 My jakks gets, got one of each jakks figure inludeing an extra Mijumaru, got the tube pack to get my Reshiram >U So the rest I'll sell eventually. They had a ton of these, and a few of characters in one-figure packs, but I got these instead. Sorry my mom's foot is in it, she took the picture...
Got every Mijumaru figure <3 Got one more to sell oneday.
Yes! I got every throw plushie! Igot Zorua  , and I was so happy they had these ;w; No jakks Zorua plushie though, seems they had sold out. I'm sorry I don't have pick-ups permission, I would love to get these for you guys cause I know alot of people want these
Giant plushies! My Mijumaru was in my arms when this picture was taken <3

So yeah, my gets and a few extras I'll be selling eventually. Is thare any way I can get pick-ups permission? I'd really love to pick up these guys ,and they have quite a few of them. I'm sorry for writeing this badly, I'm quite tired and the pictures took hours to upload.
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