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Collection update and Wants Post!

    Hey guys! I don't think I've created a collection update since I've joined so here goes! Let's just get right to it C:

 My first Zukan! Lucario, Plusle and Minun, and the Rotoms! I got them from the GA Zukan that shiningmew held and they just arrived today! Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera is really old -_- I never realized how tiny zukan were, and they're just too adorable! :D They're very detailed too, for their size.

A few  tomys that I have gotten in various GAs in the community. The Darumaka tomy is too cute and derpy XD I love it

Finally got my hands on an Oshawott tin! I have been looking around forever and luckily my local Target had one in stock @_@ It was an exhausting search but I finally have it! And the two Venusaur boxes near the tin include tiny cards with stats of the 151 pokemon from Red/Blue.

Darumaka clearfile! On the back is Darmanitan, but I prefer the Derpnugget more X3 sonicelectronic was hosting a GB for clearfiles and I was fortunate enough to get it

A billboard filled with random flats! Don't mind Sora just chilling there with everything else XD

New plushies yayy! Unfortunately I think that the Mew is a bootie ;_; I mistakenly bought her from ectransfer before knowing of their reputation of being bootleg sellers

Even more plushies! Most of them are from Generation V, sans the DX Pikachu Pokedoll and the Jakks Celebi hidden behind the Zoruas :D I hope to expand this even more, despite killing my wallet in the process x_x

Blitzle pokedoll from Sunyshore! It's even cuter than in the pictures XD

BEHOLD REMY THE RESHIRAM! :D (original, right? XD) Another purchase from Sunyshore! I was amazed at how big it was O.O Luckily it's not too beat up because my sister decided to throw the package out of the car on the ground and it was pouring rain outside ;__;
IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL ;A; And my room is very messy too I should probably clean it  XDD
Finally, before I  wrap up this collection update, I just want to say thank you to everyone in the community for helping me expand my colleciton immensely! Especially my Shaymin collection! It went from this: 
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST ;u; Even though I've only been here for a couple of months, I feel very welcomed in this community. So I want to thank everyone for being super amazingly awesome! :D 
And now on to a boring (albeit small) Wants post: 
Shaymin Zukan! I have been looking for this thing for a long time, with no luck. So maybe someone can help me out? I have no idea how much these go for either :P
Darumaka bell charm! I know for a fact that these are EXTREMELY hard to find, especially the bell charms. But any help would be greatly appreciated!  <3
If these pictures belong to you and would like me to take them down, it's no problem at all!
Thanks a lot guys and happy collecting!
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