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A Pokemon-Harry Potter Adventure and Collection Update! Lotsa Mew.

Hello, all! I’m Psychic – I’ve been around for a good three years, but I don’t post too often, mainly because I’m lazy. But I do lurk a lot. XD I like to keep my collection small but nice, and I take a lot of pride in it. ^^

I wanted to share with you all my slowly growing collection, especially of Mew. :D But more than that, I also want to share with you the tale of a crossover: what happens when Pokemon meets Harry Potter? What mayhem ensues when you bring a silly little Mew who knows nothing outside their own world to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Saddle up for a photostory and collection update!


The trip was actually over winter break, and the details themselves are a complicated and sad, so I won’t get into it. But in the end, myself, my younger sister and brother, and my mom all got to go to what we simply call Harry Potter World. We are all huge HP fans, so this was a dream come true. It was especially exciting for Lil Mew, not that she really knew what was going on…

Lil Mew: Hey, cool, we’re flying! Well, I can fly whenever I want, really, but the whole family is flying! This is sure to be an adventure! Are we there yet?
Me: Soon.
Lil Mew: How bout now?
Me: Not quite.
Lil Mew: What about now?
Me: Yeah, we’re tooootally here. That cloud is out hotel. We’ll open the door and you can fly out right now!
Lil Mew: ^_____^

Lil Mew: Ahhh, finally the Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, Florida! Sweet dreams indeed.
Me: Who am I to disagree? :D I didn’t know you liked music, Lil Mew!
Lil Mew: Music? What? I just like it when Drowzee put me to sleep. ^____^

And then we arrived!

Lil Mew: “Spell limits?” Is that like the attack limit so Pokemon can only use four attacks?
Me: Nope, they mean spells…like magic.
Lil Mew: Like a magic trick? Or the attack Trick? I can’t learn that attack…
Me: Oh, never mind, just enjoy the park. Hey look, the Hogwarts Express!
Lil Mew: You mean like the Magnet Train in Saffron City?
Me: Neeeeeever mind.

Me: Ahhhh, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! It’s so beautiful in real life! *sniff*

Lil Mew: Sooooo this is where Dracula lives?
Me: Nope, no vampires here; this is where Hogwarts students go to school.
Lil Mew: Like Edward Cullen?
Me: Lil Mew, he’s still a vampire.
Lil Mew: That sparkling boy is a vampire? You’re all so strange.
Me: *sighs* Let’s just go inside, that’s where the ride is.

Lil Mew: Oh, looklooklook! I know what that is! It’s an Aerodactyl skeleton!
Me: Ummm, I’m not so sure-
Lil Mew: Yes it is! Look at those wings! That tail! Those claws! Definitely the ancient Aerodactyl.
Me: …you know what? I think the Mew may be on to something for once. o_o

Me: Whew, that was a fun ride.
Lil Mew: Sure was. Hey, look what I found! A big box!
Me: Yes, that’s nice, a big box…BELONGING TO CHARLES WEASLEY?! He trains dragons!
Lil Mew: Like Clair or Lance or Drake? :D
Me: Uh…yeah, sure, I guess. *defeated*

Lil Mew: Speaking of dragons, look what I found! It’s like a bunch of baby Dragonite in eggs! And Raticate!

Lil Mew: Look, I’m hatching!
Me: Oh, dear. @.@

Lil Mew: Whoo, look at all those people who just finished the ride! Wonder why some of them look so scared.
Me: Well, look at the name of the place.

Lil Mew: *reads* “Filch’s Emporium”? Hm, he sounds like a nasty man…
Me: Oh, he is. He is. (But on the plus side we got all kinds of neat stuff from there!)

Me: :D Hogsmead is awesome! Let’s go into Olivander’s – that’s where witches and wizards get their wands.
Lil Mew: …like a stick you wave around to make tricks?
Me: Pretty much, yup.
Lil Mew: You guys are seriously weird.

Me: Look, look! That’s my sister! She got picked from the crowd to choose her own wand!
Lil Mew: Wow!
Me: Yeah!
Lil Mew: Is she gonna keep it?
Me: *sigh* Yes, yes she will, and for a nice sum of $30.
Lil Mew: I just hope it continues working magic even when we leave, that would be cool…
Me: If only…

Lil Mew: I’m…not even sure what Pokemon that looks like!
Me: That’s a Hippogriff! Now take a bow and it may let us ride it!
Lil Mew: Um, I think I’ll pass, thanks.

Lil Mew: You didn’t tell me there were more places to visit other than this magic place! Look at the cutie dinosaurs!
Me: :D Yeah, the Jurassic Park area is really cool. Dinosaurs rock! Let’s keep exploring!

Lil Mew: Wha-wha-what’s that?
Me: That’s the Incredible Hulk roller coaster, here on the Marvel Island!

Lil Mew: Wooooow. Are we gonna ride it?
Me: It looks fun, but…I don’t think so. XD;

Me: Now it's time to go. :< Goodbye, Hogsmead!
Lil Mew: Bye, it's been fun!
Me: Really? You had fun?
Lil Mew: Yeah! I liked meeting Edward Cullen and seeing an Aerodactyl and hatching from a Raticate egg and bowing to a hippo!
Me: ...well, as long as you had a good time. XD;

A good friend of mine also gave me something very special. :D

Yep, it’s the original Mew Tomy from the 90’s, nothing very special or rare.
My story with this baby goes back to elementary school. Mew and Mewtwo were my favourite Pokemon as a kid, and I desperately wanted both Tomy figures. I found a set with Mewtwo in it and one with Mew, so I decided I would buy the Mewtwo set and get the Mew set another day. Sadly, that day never came. Since then I have found Mewtwo Tomys no problem (I had 3 at one point) but Mew was always just out of my grasp! I used to get together with my best friend in elementary school, and since she had a Mew we always used it when we played together. I was always super envious of it. :<

Anyhow, the years passed and we’re not close anymore. But a good friend of mine from college, upon hearing my story, was kind enough to give me the Mew from her own personal collection! It really means a lot to me, and I think it’s nice that I got to receive it from a friend who also cherishes her Pokemon toys (even if she likes other animés better XD).

Here is my Mew collection to date!
The small Mew plushie from my photostory is from Bandai in 2005 (I don’t know anything else about it), the big one that is tagged as Mewtwo is a Hasbro 90’s doll that vibrates when you pull a string, and the laying plush is by tomy from the Lucario movie. The big Mew and the marble are Jakks, I don’t know anything about the teeny-tiny Mew, but the charm is from a gacha machine and then there’s just the Tomy, the bouncy ball and a keychain from the 90’s.

XD The plushies. I still can’t get over that weird vibrating Mew.

On another note, I also received a sweet birthday gift from my internet friend in Australia! We like to do a small birthday gift exchange since our birthdays are around the same time, and she knows me well. :D

Pokemon kids! They’re not my favourite Pokemon, but I do like them a lot – she chose well! And she knows I like dogs and dragons. XD We don’t really have kids available to us in Canada, so this was awesome.

All my kids chilling out together happily! Electabuzz was on my birthday cake when I was about 12, and I only learned what the heck this hollow thing was when I joined here! I found Aerodactyl at a con in a bin of bootleg figures, so it was a miracle to find something legit.

Thanks for looking! I shall try to post a little more often, especially since I have some other neat stuff I wanna show off as well. ^^

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