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The Mail was Fun Today!! :D

The mail was SO lame this week D: Until today!

FUN STAMPS <3 I've already started using them in my notebooks xD They're just lots of fun~

I got more N Sleeves, and the matching deck box! <3 And a fun Manaphy tamagotchi-like device!  I'm debating whether to keep it in its packaging or to take it out and play with it!  I LOVE tamagotchi ;-; I also got a Jewel of Life pendant!  It's very pretty! :3 For some reason, I've never actually seen the Arceus movie, even though Arceus is my favorite gen 4 Pokemon o.o But now I can pretend to have seen it xD

MOAR PLUSHIESS <3 The Victini is so adorable! <3 And I'm really lucky to have gotten Whimsicott <3 sonicelectronic sold hers the day they were taken out of the Pokemon Centers, so I was worried that I had missed my chance to get it, just like the Dream World Oshawott :( BUT thanks to sonicelectronic I got one for myself!! <3

The plush family!! <3 I got a Jakks Cherubi this week from Target, but she's camera-shy xD But wait, it looks like some members of the plush family are missing!

Looks like I need more room for my plush family! xD

Thank you for looking! :D
Tags: arceus, manaphy, reshiram, victini, whimsicott, zekrom
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