jazzbie (jazzbie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Heatran/regigigas collection + some pulls

Here is Heatran, being as cute as a Heatran can be, opening two TCG box sets. :D Lets see if she got anything good:

*don't worry there's only about 5 decently sized pics total. I wont destroy your computer lol.

Oh boy a Regigigas colossal box!

And then the Darkrai/Cresselia legend box set. Sooo pretty *_*

Okay Heatran did you get anything good?


Well...not really. But hey there's two beautiful jumbo cards. :)


Haha okay thanks for indulging me in that. Actually about two weeks ago i had the best pull i've ever had in my life. I bought three packs of Pokemon Platinum from K-mart, notorious to me for giving good pulls, and got:
2 lv.X cards(shaymin and palkia)
2 secret rare shiny cards(vulpix and swablu)
1 secret rare (reprint scyther)

I was so shocked and even wondered if I picked up some crazy conterfeit packs. But nope they were real and epic. XD

And here is my rather small collection of Heatran and Regigigas:

Hopefully when i get more monies I can expand upon it. ;o;
Thanks for looking!

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