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Multipurpose Sales, Customs, and Question! XD

HELLO ALL. I KNOW YOU MUST HATE ME FOR POSTING SO OFTEN LATELY ;_; However, I have a multipurpose post! ;D

I want to do shipping tomorrow, so please check out my Sales! I have Eevee Canvas, Pikachu Canvas, Talking Cyndaquil, Shining Charizard card and MUCH MORE.

Click picture or here to go to my sales journal!

OK SO, I received THREE customs today OMG <_< And couldn't wait to show them off. I was never really into customs, so I never commissioned people before, but WHOOWHEE I sure changed haha.


OMGMOMGOMGOOMG. These are my first Shining Pokemon merch!

Deoxys stands at almost 2 FEET tall OMG. Kid for size reference. And the arms are poseable. So nice ;_; I LOVE the mint green used. Of course, I suggested it haha.

Next up is Shining Noctowl. The wings are poseable this time! XD Almost as tall as Deoxys. These are HUGE plush! I haven't specifically asked for them being poseable, so finding out that they were is a really nice touch to the plush!

Lastly, I got an Ampharos sculpture from our very own pheonixxfoxx  This stands at about 6 inches tall! SO BEAUTIFUL.

Well... As you can tell. These things are HUGE :( And I do not have room in my room lol... So I'm going to have fun figuring out where everything fits tonight.

And lastly QUESTION! I have only started keeping up with Pokemon in the last 2 years. So I don't know the order of plush etc. How I collect is that I collect one Pokemon from each "line" So ex. Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, I have something of Alakazam which means I don't collect anymore Abras, Kadabras, or Alakazams.

SO HOW DOES THIS TIE IN? Well.. I prefer plush and my most favourite line are the canvas collections! So as you know, there have been billions of Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pidoves, Chillarmy, etc plush out! And its making me antsy because I want them in my collection, but waiting for the canvas to come out because I can only buy one of each line haha. SOOOOO. QUESTION. When do the canvas usually start coming out after a generation? Is there a trend to when they release canvas styles? So I assume in Gen 4, the starters were the first type of canvases released. Was this after all the Pokemon Center plush, etc? Thanks for any help! <3
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