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Alright, lots to update here in only a few weeks! But first, I knew it was going to be a GOOD gets day for me today! Why? Because of this little guy^^

Alright, here we gooooo!! Oh, some surprise releases came out early too, so come take a peek^^

First up, I got an Oshawott tin to go along with my Tepig one! It looked the hardest to find, so I decided to get it now (Snivy will come later... I go in order of rarity/hard-to-findness, except I liked the Tepig figure the best this time^^)

I got a few holos actually, so that's something^^

I finally picked up the boxset with the Entei bottlecap. Been eyeing him for a while!

The bottlecap is great^^ I also got a holo Slowking!

Alright, here's a trip I felt victorious on! On a trip to San Francisco, I checked out Japantown and my favorite import store! And I saw this little fellow in the window.... looking at me! Victini was the last copy and he is too awesome!! The ears are more stuffed in this guy, and they are sooooo fun to squeeze! It's a must for any Victini fan! (Don't worry, my PokeCen Vic is in the mail^^) Also, his tiny hands always stick up as if saying "welcome!!!" or even "TADAAAA!!" which was perfect for in front of the store window^^ After him and my Axew, Tomy plush are some of my favorites now! Wish I could afford the Deerling Tomy plush they had :(

I also made it a habit/tradition to pick up 2 Tomy figures every time I visit. Good prices at $6.99 (with tax...) without shipping etc! I swear I should pick up some Eeveelutions, but I always think if I get one, I'll want them all, so hold off^^ So I went with Dragonite and Milotic^^

I spent the other day going to Walmarts, Targets, TRUs, in search of Gen5 Jakks, after all the posts on here. No luck everywhere :( One of my last stops was at a Walmart where I found all my Eeeveelution Jakks (and apparently, was one of the first on the community!) So, in hopes they had some I found.... ZORUA!!! :O After seeing empty boxes of plush, or ONLY Togekiss and Happiny etc, this Walmart had not one, but TWO Zoruas! However, I had to pick between a bent tag, or a stained eye.... :/ I went with the bent tag. I'd be more picky if it was a Tomy or Pokedoll^^ So smug looking! Glad I waited, I wasn't going to pay $30+ which is what Toywiz is charging for him, yuck!!

Alright! Mailtime!!! Thanks to shiningmew  for the kids! Absol is soooooooooo cuuuuuute!!! And I don't have any Ray's yet and I love his little paws^^

Alright!!!! I FINALLY FOUND JAKKS AT TRU!!!! I'm done being jealous everytime I see someone post stuff^^ After I found out they came in tubes, that was the cheapest solution to getting them all! Only 1 Munna plush left, the box was cleaned OUT!!! I also went to Target (in search of plush), found nothing, so went back to TRU and got the DX figures!!!

Front shot of the boxes. I'll be opening and tossing the boxes, but I take pics to preserve what they look like, at least^^ And they are as nice as people say!!

Here's some side shots of everything (even the tubes have lotsa pics on them!)

Aaaand a back view!!

Here's they are all loose. They actually have a strong plastic smell to them when I opened them up >_>

Alright, when I said I checked out Target (before I went back to TRU), I didn't come back empty handed. Here's A BIG SURPRISE: VICTINI BOXSET AND LEGENDARY TINS ARE OUT EARLY IN NORTH AMERICA!!!! I was soooo happy and soooo surprised to see them!!

Look at Victi^^ Too cute!!

The Zoroark card is real nice too^^ Only one holo, and that's my Krok! Pretty cool card!

Since I spent (MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!) money today, I only picked out one tin for now. The Reshy card looked more clear (Zeky looked a little dark...) so I picked him for now! The tin is all poppy-outty and pretty^^

AWESOME GETS!!! An Emboar holo and the Reshy special card^^ It has a different texture to it too! Very nice!!

Aaaand that's it for updates! I won't be buying anything for a looooong time now! I'll be visiting a Pokemon Center Kiosk soon though, so will definately get some plush/Tomys then, but if I run into a Jakks plush I'll get it^^ Time to save monies now >_<

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