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Want obtained!

I cannot play Pokemon without the pokedex guide in front of me. I was tired of trudging through White alone and so I decided to cave in and buy the 30.00 one at gamestop since EVERYWHERE was out of them. I was looking at it and about to say goodbye to my wallet when the gamestop worker said "oh hey, we just got this guide in that's only the pokedex and has like EV training tips and stuff in it" well, I was sold! They hadn't even set them out yet as they were in the back. He grabbed one for me and at a 20.00 (19.00 with a power up card) this was in my budget and, I mean, just look at this cover!

There is a Volcarona on it. What's not to love? Click for more on the poster inside and some inside shots.


And...what could this be!

A poster? :o

but where toput it? my walls are full D: (spot the larvesta and get a cookie)

And you may notice my black and white portion of the wall. The middle poster is from...gamestop? I dunno, my friend gave it to me. I love it because Munna and Reuniclus are the best! The other two are the preview and review from GameInformer.

There we go. It has every one of the currently revealed 153 Pokemon <3 sugimori art, but it's gorgeous and the first thing I see when I enter the room! Awesome!

close up of the best area ;)

The whole thing! I love this <3<3<3 That's it and if anyone needs to get into contact with me, please do! I'm behind on messages because I let them stack, but I'm slowly getting through them ^^;
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