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Questions/Quick Wants: Shaymin and Mew cards // Tepig Figure

Sorry for posting two days in a row. I can delete this after I get some answers. ^^; Going shopping tomorrow and wanted to know if I should buy some things or if I can get them from the community instead.


Does anyone know what the other 5 cards are in this set? Or what kind of cards it is possible to get with the set? I don't want to buy it if I'm going to get 5 energies or trainers...or something like that. oO" Alternatively, does anyone have that Shaymin card and are willing to trade (preferable) or sell it?


Does anyone have this card and are willing to trade (preferable) or sell it?


Does anyone have this Tepig figure (base color doesn't matter) that they would be willing to trade (preferable) or sell?

Like I said, I'll probably just leave this up until I got shopping tomorrow and then delete it so I'm not cluttering the page. ^^;

Tags: cards, mew, shaymin, tepig, wanted
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