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My April customs/collection post! :3

Hello everyone! :D

I've been practicing my bead sprites like CRAZY, and I'm now confident enough to officially open custom slots!

Bead sprites start at only $3, so come take a look!


*Ship from Ohio, US.
*I am a slow shipper. If you need your sprite by a certain date, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will do my best to get it out.
*All smaller sprites will be shipped in bubble mailers. Large sprites will be shipped in either thick cardboard envelopes from the P.O. or thin boxes.
*I accept Paypal.
*Sales permission granted by Lineaalba in 2010.
*I may except trades! Feel free to ask! <3

These sprites are made for people I'm trading with. My gameboy is there for size comparison. These are all Walky sprites except for Serperior which is a menu sprite.

This is my "Walky Wall" before, and some new additions to it. My favorites are Serperior, Luxray and Snivy. Munna is glow in the dark!

Those are pretty much all of the smaller sprites I've made (except for the two large Pikachus and the large Mijumaru). All are either Menu sprites or Walky sprites, except for the sleeping Raichu in the last picture which is from the Mystery Dungeon games. Tynamo is ridiculously tiny! <3

Large shiny Galceon sprite and large Reshiram overworld sprite.

I'm taking 10 slots that are guaranteed to be finished within two weeks of being payed for. I'm also leaving open a Waiting List, meaning I'll take your order and will start those ones sometime after the first ten slots are done. I'll be making a public journal entry that will list all commission statuses, so those that commission me can check back to see when I've finished and shipped.

Most menu and walky sprites are around $5-$6 before shipping. I'm pretty sure Tynamo is the smallest sprite there is, so if anyone would like one he'd only be $3 before shipping. Other small ones like Litwick and Joltik are $4. All prices are before shipping.

Most people I've seen lightly melt their beads, leaving distinct holes in the sprite (as seen in the pictures above of Raichu, Blitzle, and Sevine). I personally prefer when they are melted a little longer and flatten out (as shown on Liepard, Cinccino, Audino, Tynamo). Please let me know how you would like yours melted, but also keep in mind that there may be a couple beads in the entire sprite that don't melt exactly like the rest. ^^

If you order a "Walky" sprite, I'll happily make an emotion bubble sprite for an added $1.50! xD

To make things a little easier, please copy and paste the following:

Melt: (holes or no holes)

Here are some links to help. :3

Menu: - Gen 1-4 - Gen 5

Walky/Overworld: - Gen 1-4 - Gen 5 - Walky Emotions

Mystery Dungeon - Mystery Dungeon 2 - EotS

B/W Basic sprites - All Gens
**Please note that these are the larger sprites, like Glaceon. These will be from $10-20+ depending on the size of the sprite.

If you'd like to ask for a quote, please ask under the appropriate thread.

Also, questions to fellow spriters! How do you ship large sprites, and which brand of beads do you use?

Thanks guys<3

Tags: audino, blitzle, buizel, cinccino, collection, custom, deerling, glaceon, joltik, liepard, luxray, mareep, oshawott, pikachu, raichu, reshiram, serperior, servine, snivy, tynamo
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