gamecubegirl (gamecubegirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Calling Collectors!

Hey Everyone!

I have a question...there is this auction that kanackering and I are after but sadly, we only want 4 out of the 12 items in it. So I was wondering if you guys would have any interest in a group auction? I am asking as I think that there is a collector out there for some/most of the Pokemon featured in these...

they are Jumbo Bandai cards from 1998, they also have 12 "mini" cards on the back of each that you can peel off if you want to..or so we gather from their description, it's a little confusing how it was worded. Theyre also out of print as they were only available in Japan. The artwork is pretty cool...and seems to be from various episodes/ there's something for everyone in any of them. Team Rocket, Gary, Charmander, Vulpix...

I myself am interested in the Ponyta and Dragonair one...and kanackering is interested in the Mewtwo and Hypno one. (Psychic nut....) So those are the ones with the black over them.

But the other 8 are up for grabs ^_^ (However, I know that pikachuashnat collects the bat Pokemon so the one with Golbat is on hold for now....until I hear from her)
naykomii - Gary Card
chatsy - ASHley Card

I was thinking that each can be $2.50 and then shipping will be $1.50 for within the UK and $2.00 for anywhere else (as I live in the UK and will be the one shipping everything/getting the auction)

So how 'bout anyone interested? ^_^

Keep in mind that if you mention here that you're definitely interested in one of these items, we will be looking for payment once they're in our possession, so if you change your mind please let us know BEFORE we buy the auction. Thank you! =D
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