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Pickup Reminders

Just wanted to remind people, my TRU was pretty stocked with merch. so I'm still doing a store run. I made a list of everything they had in stock as of YESTERDAY

So click the picture to head to the post!! I will do runs everyday as long as the requests continue to come in :)

Also I just reminded myself. I think sometimes people on here WANT to use code to make an image a link to another entry/journal but aren't sure how, I don't know. So, here is the code. You have to put it in in HTML mode, NOT rich text mode

<a href="your_url_goes_here"><img src="your_picture.jpg" /></a>

for your_picture.jpg, wherever its hosted, you'll want to use the address for "Direct link (For Layouts, etc)" its usually tagged something like that.

How to do an LJ-cut!: in Rich Text mode, you can highlight the text you want and hit the lj-cut button and then a popup window shows up, where you can add what you want the parentheses to say.

OR in HTML mode. You can add an <lj-cut text="Put what you want to say here"> at the beginning of the text you want "cut". then at the end, put </lj-cut>

Both do essentially the same thing :)

And if you just want to have a plain ol' text link (NOT an lj-cut), just do <a href="your_link_here.html"> Text you want to be clickable! </a>

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