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Wants/Trade (Looking for cards!) :3

 Hey everyone! Sorry, I know I just posted the other day, but this post is mainly trying to finish my TCG collection so if this is not allowed let me know and I will delete this post and I will wait and post it later.

 I am looking to try and finish my Eeveelution card collection, I have been getting side tracked with collecting Raichu stuff XD

Here are the eeveelution cards that I am looking for: (please show me pictures so I can see the condition) :3
Vaporeon- skyridge 33/144, ex sandstorms 25/100, ex unseenforces 19/115, ex delta species 18/133, ex delta pieces 110/113, ex power keepers 102/108
Jolteon- Jasmins Jolteon VS 30/141, skyridge 13/144, ex unseen forces 8/115, ex delta species 7/113, ex delta species 109/113, ex power keepers 101/108, Rising Rivals 26/111, undaunted 28/90
Flareon-   Karen's Flareon vs 89/141, skyridge 8/144, ex sandstorm 5/100, ex unseen forces 5/115, ex delta species 5/113, ex delta species 108/113, ex power keepers 100/108
Espeon-  Neo Discovery 1/75, neo discovery 20/75, Sabrina's Espeon VS 56/141, Wills Espeon vs 76/141, aquapolis 11/147, 5th movie half deck 7/18, ex unseen forces 102/115, ex delta species 4/113, pop series 5 16/17, undaunted 81/90
Umbreon-  Neo Discovery 13/175, karen's umbreon VS 91/141, aquapolis 41/147, skyridge 32/144, p promos 25/47,  ex sandstorm 24/100, ex unseen forces 112/115, ex delta species 17/113, POP series 5 17/17, Majestic dawn 32/100, undaunted 86/90, call of legends 22/95
Leafeon- Leafeon Lv X
Glaceon- Glaceon Lv X

I am also interested in Raichu cards! And I am looking for some legendaries to complete my collection like: any from B&W, Groudon, arceus types other than his normal form, Latios & Latias from the HGSS Promo, shaymin regular form and I neeeeeed Entei Neo Revolution 6/64 
And I also need the new starters from B/W (and the pikachu card from b/w)

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me finish my collection, I still have a long way to go, lol! 
Unfortunately right now I don't have a lot of money so I am not really looking to buy but I am looking to trade! I can trade cards or anything off of my sales page listed below. :3


Non TCG pokemon stuff:

Common Cards:


And my question is, are there any small smeargle plushies?  Thanks everyone for showing me! Now I have an idea of what too look for! See, my mom loves beagles and she is an artist so when I told her about smeargle she fell in love with the pokemon XD And now she would like a plush of him, so I am looking for just a small plush of him and a kid as well. If anyone has one (kid or plush) that they are willing to trade/sell, please let me know, thank you!!! :3 (I am hoping to get this for my mom for mothers day)

I will be posting a big collection update within the next few weeks! I have some Grails,kids and cards in the mail ;D

And for anyone who has just recently bought from me, I have everyones items ready to be sent out! I am going to send everything out either tomorrow or Monday, I just want to wait and make sure that if anyone else orders something I can get everything sent out at the same time. <3Wants/Trade
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