larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Easter sales!

hi you guys! i'm saving up for a holiday and thus will be having back-to-back sales these few weeks to raise funds! i will be dealing with flats in the next post, but for now, feast your eyes on the various FCS figures (features flareon, gyarados, ninetales, mew etc) on offer and direct sale, a mew magnet-base disc chou, an update on my kids stock (more gible, pikachu, breloom goodness) with special restocks of eeveelutions (umbreon MIB and mint kids of different poses now available again!), as well as relatively rare MIP shinx/carnivine chous among others. some kids are on discount, they are marked in red font. =D

(chip away to larvitar's cave now!)

thanks for reading guys, and have a happy Easter! =D
Tags: carnivine, entei, espeon, flareon, gible, glaceon, golbat, gyarados, leafeon, lugia, mew, mewtwo, pikachu, raikou, rotom, sales, shinx, suicune, umbreon
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