myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG lot sale + Flats!

So, after sorting out the entire lot of my TCG folder I want to sell the whole lot as a lot!
I dont really want to sell any cards seperate, though I may be interested in trading some.
Lines im interested in are, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Mew, Mareep, Flaafy, Ampharos, Shinx, Luxio & Luxray. Although I do have alot of cards on the way that ive been after so dont be offended if i turn you down.

Also, if anyone DOES want to host this as a GA please, be my guest!

What this lot includes: Team Rocket Folder (spine is damaged!), all cards inside that are shown and all sleeves the cards are in and the last remaining Southern Islands postcards I own!

Images are in my photobucket album here;
(terribly sorry i havent posted them in a journal here, ive been awake for over 24 hours and sorting this lot out tested my patience ^^; )

Also, id like some info on the stuff under the cut! So please, give me some info! ♥

Can someone tell me what these are worth? I would like to sell them.
The Celebi is mint condition
Dark Charmeleon is a Wizard promo (so it has a little gold 'W' in the corner but the flash in thie picture totally killed it)

And these flats!

1st Edition packets

And these flats.

I want everything to go so please, if you see anything you like, please leave a comment

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