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Hey! Here is my first ever super-duper official collection update! I got my grail today, so I figured now is a good time as ever xD
I got home from my gamestop run (reason to be explained later in the post) to find three packages! Not one, but three! But the moment i saw this specific package, I absolutely flipped out and started taking photos like crazy.

Also, I never remember people's names, so if you got me something or made something here for me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can mention you!



YES! FINALLY! MY TALKING MIJUMARU HAS ARRIVED! Cracker and Biscuit look very pleased!

Here's a photo of my collection BEFORE my gamestop run...

And here's a good chunk of it after!

IT'S... BEAUTIFUL... Oh, the pleasures of being so obnoxiously adorable that people give in to your requests... :3

And here we are in our new spot, wedged in between my dresser and my accordion!

Cracker, Miju, and Biscuit!

Ah, here we have our Oshawott plushies, 10" Banpresto, 2" banpresto keychain, 3" banpresto, 5" banpresto, PC hiding in the back, and Jakks 6" in the corner :) And then there's the stylus! You can see my flats, too.

Man I don't even know what half of this is lol
Takaratomy Oshawott, light up oshy keychain, "back and forth battle toy", oshawott stamper, oshawott clipping figure, custom Oshawott by someone here (I never remember names D:) oshawott card-figure-thing, oshawott kid, squishy oshawott, and then the oshawott projector pokeball and zipper pull. in the back ive got the boxes and TCG box and other little things.

Emolga takaratomy, card sleeves, and keychain thing thanks to denkimouse 
Custom was made by the same person who made the oshawott!
And another PC plush :)

Then there's... Well... This guy.
Halfway there to being a lifesize Raichu xD I made him a while ago as a practice plush.
(Speaking of plushies, I miss my giant emolga ;A; he's at my school in an art show so I couldn't post him to this update :(  )

Misc collection! Meowth takaratomy, snivy and tepig PC plush, little snivy banpresto, and two random pika's that I don't know what they are

My collection of pins, the gijinka pin was made by supertablebunny who was at the table with corn_dog_solo and the pin was bought for me by ahaberdasher at a convention we went to. Then there's my sad little collection of Emolgas and Yamasks...
Oshawott line pin was made by amslizrah 

My fantastic Yamask and Reuniclus side collections >.>
Don't mind creeper oshawott there.

I don't think it's necessary to include my art folio, because EVERYONE has one of those.

Little hangy things :)

What those shelves currently look like! And my two other gamestop grabs-- HUGE replicas of the B/W game case!
You can kind of see my tomy figs hangint there, and my Oshawott cards, Oshawott DS lite case, tour booklet, and the Perler Bead sprites (they're ginormo!)

Posters! YAY! I love the one on the right, it's embossed :O it feels so neat-o to touch.

My DS case :3 That Oshawott... Nyaaaa~

With my Poketch and Tepig shirt, I'm ready for battle.

And one last photo! My Oshawott shirt, Miju, and I! Too bad I'm not wearing my Trainer Hilda hat lolol Hope you're jealous! (just kidding, hehe.) The rest of my collection is in the mail! xD

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