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April Customs :D

Maractus and Mothim!!

I recently moved and have been spending a lot of time getting settled and unpacked but I finally busted out my sewing-machine and fabric!! I picked pokes that I already had colors for, being that I have a lot of fabric laying around and I need to use some up before I buy more!

First up is Maractus!

I love this poke because
a) shes CUTE!!!
b) a grass pokemon w/Water Absorb ability = WIN on a Surf team :O!!!

I am really happy with the way she turned out! It took a lot longer (was a lot harder) than I had thought it was going to be but I really love the results! Especially her flowers <3 <3

She is made of fleece and heavy felt, and the bottom of her main body is filled with plastic pellet filing to give her enough weight to not fall over w/her big head bobbles haha.

Maractus will be up for offers untill Friday (4/29/2011).

I really love how she turned out; and I don't know if anyone even likes/collects Mara ~ so if I don't have an offer by Friday that I like I'm just going to keep her >_<;

I try and sell or get rid of most the things I make because it gives me motivation and money to buy and make more :D but they do take A LOT of time, effort, and care, so sometimes it is hard to part with them ;A;

Next up is Mothim!

Mothim was requested by scarsofsunlight so they have first dibs on him :P

if they pass; Mothim will be up for offers too.

This was actually pretty fun but I think its because I like hand-stitching the details :) and I think the top-stitch gives it a unique look.

He is made of fleece and felt also, and has wire in his wings to give them shape :D

If you are interested in seeing more pictures/other plush I have made, check out my Journal :)

And just as a reminder, there are still a lot of plush available in my sales:

Thank for looking!!!

Tags: custom, maractus, mothim
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