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Disappointing // Wanted // Trade/Sale

Hi PKMNcollectors!

Today, I would like to share my disappointment in something I bought today with the community. ^^; (Think of it as a warning of sorts NOT to buy what I did. lol).

I was having a bad weekend (starting Friday morning, actually), so I thought I would buy some Pokemon stuff to cheer myself up. I rarely buy things at store price (I look around for deals or go to card shops that sell them cheaper), but I figured that I wanted the Shaymin card here -

So, I would go ahead and buy that pack. Someone had mentioned the possibility of getting pretty good cards in the package, so I thought it might be worth it.

I got this...

Really? I didn't expect to get anything fantastic, but I had expected to at least get 5 different cards. I don't even like the Ralts line.

Anyway, that did little to improve my mood. However, my sale permission did get accepted today, so I should be setting up a journal for that in a week or two (when finals calm down) along with trades (the five cards above will be included in the available for trade/sale if you're interested). ^^ Btw, for those that are awaiting replies from me (I think I got to most of them), I am currently visiting family for the holiday weekend, so I haven't had much online time (plus I'm an hour and a half away from my Pokemon cards/collection). I should be able to get back to everyone by Tuesday.

I almost bought a TCG tin today to get this figure:

But, I'm holding out hoping that someone in the community will be willing to trade one with me...or sell one for around $5 shipped. Any takers? ^^; I don't care what color the base is (I think it comes in different variations?)

And...I still have my Victini box set to look forward to on Monday. :)

~ Risha

EDIT! lol.

So, immediately after posting this journal, I saw the post before mine was all Houndour. I LOVE Houndour and Houndoom (and Mew...top three favs). So, I missed out on getting one of my grails (Houndour Pokedoll...isn't it everyone's? XDD). Surprisingly, I actually feel better now. I think it's because I've been distracted replying to comments since I signed on the computer. So, thank you, community, for making me feel better.

And...I have a new want -

Also, if anyone has a Houndoom pin, I've love to buy one. Not a button pin, but one in the shape of Houndoom. I don't even know if it exists, but I just bought a Houndour one, so it might. XD!

Anyone have these two charms for trade or sale? I just discovered them on garefowl entry, but I was too busy with my one post that I missed out on them. ^^; Image belongs to Garefowl...if they want me to remove it, I will.
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