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Lots and a few things for sale.

So, I just checked my bank account and I'm in dire need of money. :'D So I'm putting these two lots of stuff up for sale and adding a few items for direct sale. I don't wish to separate the items here just yet as I don't really have time to ship it all individually, however if nobody bites I might in future.

If anyone would like to GA I am totally happy with that. :) roxiexcore has already agreed to auction my stuff, so if anyone would like to co-host that would be brilliant.

EDIT: Only lot 1 is available now! Though if anyone GAs I will move the leftovers from lot 2 there, just speak to me about it. ^^


- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/2011
- I will not sell to any members banned on the community.
- I am based in the UK but prices will be in USD as it's easier. I will ship internationally but please remember shipping costs will increase.
- I accept Paypal only for payment.
- My home is smoke-free but pet friendly.
- I will hold items for up to 24 hours. PLEASE let me know if you no longer want an item so I can free it up for other buyers.
- Haggling is fine! But please don't get upset if I decline an offer.
- No trades at this time as I need money more. :C
- I aim to ship the next Friday after a sale is agreed. Please give me two weeks max before making a complaint, but usually I should ship sooner than that. :)



(Cards not included)

Asking price of $70 Please refer to this post for items included and conditions. There is a Treecko Friends plush not pictured (scratches on one eye).


Everything is from my personal collection.

Giratina Origin Forme Pokedoll (no tags and fabric a little loved) - $12
Please give him a good home as I'm reluctant to give him up. ;;
SOLD thank you!

Lugia Jakks Plush - $15
(Ho-oh not for sale)

No tags but in excellent condition.

Phanpy Bound Ball - $5
Munna Stamp - $3 SOLD thank you!

More non-Pokemon stuff can be found at my Sales Journal here:

That's all for now. Thank you! :)
Tags: books, cards, figures, giratina, ho-oh, jakks, kids, lucario, lugia, phanpy, plush, sales, shaymin, tomy, treecko
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