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first sales post~

(edit: added a small lot of customs for sale and added more BW tour patches)
all items that were paid for on the 24th have been sent out :> please let me know when they arrive

yay first sales post~ :>

i was granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse  

here's sample of what i have for sale:

- granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse  

- all community rules apply.

- i will not deal with anyone who has negative feedback in the pkmncollectors  negative feedback thread.

- i only accept PayPal. i am not accepting trades unless stated otherwise.

- include your LJ user name and list the items purchased when you are making payment via PayPal

- i am shipping from California, US. i ship to anywhere

- i am not responsible for lost or damaged mail if the postal system fails.

- shipping prices will also include cost for packaging and paypal fee.

- i can hold items for up to 24 Hours (i may allow longer holds depending on the situation)
i will send you a reminder once, and after that it will go back up for sale.

- make it clear if you are asking a question, for a quote, or committing to buying an item.

- feel free to haggle when buying multiple items

- bad feedback will be left and you will be banned from my sales if you cause any problems or back out. serious buyers only please.

- please reply when payment is sent~

- Snivy US pokecen plush mwt: $17 ($21 shipped within US)
- Oshawott US pokecen plush mwt: $17 ($21 shipped within US)
- Tepig US pokecen plush mwt: $17 ($21 shipped within US)

- Snivy US pokecen plush mwt: $17 ($21 shipped within US)
- Zorua US pokecen plush mwt: $20 ($23 shipped within US)

- Snivy patch: $10 obo
- Oshawott patch: $10 obo
- Tepig patch: $8 obo

- Snivy Stylus nip: $4
- Oshawott Stylus nip: $4

- Legendary kit nip: $8 obo

- Eeveelution pins: $1.50 each (i have multiples of each pin)
Set of 8: $12 ($15 shipped within US)

- more pins: $1.50 each

- lot of customs: offers or trades/ partial trades (i would really like these out of my house lol)
for size reference the oshawott foamie is 6 inches tall. all of these were made by me
looking for around $35? and i can add in a quick custom drawing/ scratchboard piece as well
im also willing to separate the lot if there is a certain piece you want

BRS and White copic marker drawings. Riley ink and pencil drawing. all on cardstock

drifloon and joltik on rainbow holographic scratchboard

oshawott foamie. the first foamie i ever made so its a little less refined. its 6 inches tall

litwick on black artagain and white with starters sketch

please do not be offended if i do not accept your offers or trades :<
ill accept trades/partial trades for anything with drifloon, drifblim, chikorita, rotom, quilava, torterra, shinx, swellow, farfetch'd
or an N, Elesa or litwick tcg card sleeve lol

- empty tcg packages: free with purchase

- dud pins: free with purchase
they are fine on the front but the backs are a bit loose so they may be harder to put on. they still work though
snivy is made from a snack wrapper image so there is a plastic warp on its face.
vaporeon has water damage (see photo)

thank you for looking~ :>
Tags: gen5, sales
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