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Collection Update + Pokedoll Wants!

I haven't really posted much since my intro ;_; I meant to, but my internet connection is pretty sucky and only works for so long each month. I've been lurking a bit, but this place is kind of image heavy for my connection. Anyway, it's about time I posted a collection update, as I've been quite busy collecting up new and old, hidden away toys for my collection =)
I apologise in advance for the abysmal photography. I normally have far more pride in my photos than this, but it's reeeeally late here. So late it's early.

Eeveelutions <3 My collection is pretty small, but oh well. The zukan is very new and I must say is beautiful, even if it's tinier than I thought *o* Was so pleased when I unwrapped the ball and came up with these XD The Umbreon abd Jolteon pokedolls can't actually stand on their own, so they're balanced against each other. I still kind of want another Eevee, just because this one is a 2008 one and kind of floppy =X Still waiting for a Leafeon Jakks, which seems to be taking it's sweet time getting here >.>; Darn post service!
No Espeon at all! I need to fix that XD


Biiiiig expanse here from last time XD My favourite newer plush has to be the Tepig xwx; I love him! He's so soft and silky and so darn cute! Tepig is quickly growing to be one of my favourites, even if it gets so much less cute as it evolves ;o;. Decided I totally need a 1:1 plush at some point and a pokedoll. Haha!
I have a bootleg trio of the gen4 starters here, all of which are very misshapen D= So all partially hidden for this reason! I am interested in replacing the Turtwig and the Pupil with real version but I'm not fond of the Chimchar pokedoll anyway. I finally found a selection of Jakks toys in a Toys'R'Us on the opposite side of the city (after visiting three TRU, six Targets, three BigWs and two Kmarts, all of which had none, although all are a supposed supplier!). So I got a Muchlax and Budew from their limited collection ^_^ Both are pretty cute considering Jakks' seemingly poor reputation here!
A lot of my plush and figures are missing from these photos as the photographs of the rest didn't turn out very well XD

I love these figures. I found them in the same shopping centre I found my Jakks. they are soo cute >o<!  I don't know what they are though, although I'm guessing from the lack of any visible stamps or markings indicating the company and the poor paint jobs of some of the figures being sold (splotches on these and some scratches), they are bootlegs of something. Any one have any idea of what? They are roughly the size between Tomy figures and Jakks figures, if that helps!
Finallyyyy some wants. I am looking to buy one or more of the following pokedolls! My funds are limited, but these are the ones I am keeping an eye out for providing I can afford them. =D
Shinx, Minun, Plusle, Blitzle, Audino or any eeveelution pokedolls I don't have, that are selling for less than $40 =3 
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