Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Interest in a Finnish GA/GB?

 Hi guys~ Almost everything from my last sales post has been shipped now and the rest will be shipped next week. Today I have lots of stuff I'd like to show you.

So, I realized I have way too much stuff in my room. I have a bad habit of gathering stuff, especially Pokemon stuff, that I don't really even need. I should concentrate on the things I really like and collect, so now might be a good time to get rid of a lot of stuff. Plushies, figures, bigger stuff that the Finnish post system hates. So instead of adding $8.50 shipping cost to every single item, it's easier to sell as much as possible at once.

Old plushies, big figures... I have more old plushies on top of my bookshelf so this is not everything.
Everything in these pictures except Torterra and Digimons. Gosh, too many Pikachus, I want to get rid of them x3
And... kids. I have duplicates of all of them except Shaymin. Some of them like Lapras and Luxio would be popular if it wasn't for that idiotic $8.50 shipping, so this is a good chance to get them. And a good chance for me to get them out of my room. x3 There will also be a big kid lot coming to me within the next few weeks, so if there are any duplicates I'll add them here, too.
So, do you see anything you'd be interested in? Would you participate if this became a GA? I have more stuff in my wardrobe, I just have to dig out all the boxes I have hidden there... So I'll provide more pictures if this becomes a GA.
Also, a couple of questions regarding GAs... Is it possible to do my own GA? Like make the threads and spreadsheets myself and just ask someone to help with the shipping in the States? As far as I know GA owners always have someone else do the actual work... Why, is it somehow considered rude to GA their own stuff or something? I think it would be much easier to work with the stuff since the owner knows best about the items and their conditions and everything. I have been wondering about this for a long time. ^^' Also, does the owner of the GA also send the items that have no bids? Seems a little pointless to me if no one wants them and they'll just end up lying around with the person taking care of the shipping...
And one more question: has anyone ever made a Group Buy out of their stuff in the comm? I was thinking that might be handy too since I wouldn't have to think of an asking price for the whole lot but instead I could give individual prices to everything and then ship all the stuff that gets claimed during a certain time. Actually I'd rather make that than a GA... I'd need someone to help with the shipping anyway. Do you think it would be possible?
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