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Custom foams and collection update

Hi guys! Just wanted to announce that we are opening up slots for foam pokemon customs again. =) These are some of my personal Pokemon characters, looking forward to making the entire team one day to decorate my wall. ^o^ As you can see, the style has changed a bit but I am really happy with how it looks, so all commissions from now on will look like this! I have made a few changes to my terms and policies (but nothing drastic) so be sure to read up on them at Gible Studios first!

If you are interested in a foam Pokemon of your own, please visit my shop, Gible Studios, by following the fake cut below:
( To Gible Studios! )

And now onto a collection update with lots of fire piggies and cards! Plus, the cutest, grumpiest Tepig ever. XD
So something I haven’t shared here before is that I am a nut for booster packs! I love the thrill of being surprised by the unknown Pokemon inside, and I love the artwork. This means I get myself a booster pack whenever I visit TRU (which is thankfully not that often, since it’s so far away and requires a freeway to get to). Of course, by now I have accumulated quite a…mess.

Time to sort through them! There, much better. I know next to nothing about how to categorize the TCG, so I’ve sorted each Pokemon by type. They’ll go into my Raikou tin.

I also laminate and collect the artwork on the packs themselves, it seems like such a waste to throw them. ^^;

My favorite cards, however, including the ones that are not random pulls, go into this folder (which was a lucky find a my local Target, which NEVER carries any Pokemon):

I bought it because of Garchomp, to be honest! XD

First page; I usually don’t like trainer cards, but the girl scientists FTW. <3 I love boulder Gible’s determined expression and sad Unown. (=

Second page; Pokemon that have been on my teams. The Cynthia’s Garchomp has got to be my favorite card of all time. It’s so beautiful! Fire type Swellow is perfect for me because I use Guts Swellow + Flame Orb for competitive battles.
The paintlike style of the cards on the right page is very pretty to look at. They are unevolved forms of more of my team Pokemon. <3

Third page; clearly I have a soft spot for Duskull. So cute! And I love that sulking Dusknoir in the alley. On the right page are my Gulpins. I like Gulpin (it’s a liver, what’s not to love), so I was thrilled to find out that I’d accidentally collected all the Gulpin cards. XD

Fourth page; rare pulls, my god-ponies and legendary beasts.

That’s it for my TCG collection, but I also wanted to share some new flats!

First, the stickers I won from hebilea ’s giveaway (thanks again)! I chose my favorites, of course.

This is a Reuniclus cutout that reilaa  made for me and I laminated. It’s so pretty and just the perfect level of cute. <3

I also went to a TRU far far away on Saturday and was able to take home some fire piggies! I LOVE the expression on the Jakks Tepig (the biggest one), he is just so happy. 8D

But the best get of all was…

THIS GUY. DAT FACE. I named him Grumpy. Ajldkfjadklj;fa he’s so awesome. I’ve been carrying him around everywhere with me since yesterday.

Eh? What’s that? You wannna go to school with me?

Well, you certainly look all dressed to go, but we can’t carry you around like that. Let’s get you into your Pokeball first.

There, now we’re all ready to go! n_n

Haha, sorry for that silly story, he’s a reversible plush! Just wanted to show off his abilities! It’s really amazing how it works. o_o

And here are my fire pigs all together! And my dog. She wasn’t supposed to be in this picture, but she just walked in and posed like that, and I couldn’t resist. Acting like they’re your toys, hmph. (Actually, she’s really good about leaving my toys alone. She knows what belongs to her and what doesn’t.) XD

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!
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