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Small Sale and Customs!



This shop is intended for members of [info]pkmncollectors. However, I reserve the right to grant or refuse service to anyone, member or not!

Permission recieved from Lineaalba

Payments: I only accept payments through PayPal.
*If you cannot pay with PayPal, please do not attempt to purchase from me.
*Do not pay with any e-Checks.

Prices: Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
*All prices are in USD.

Trading Policy: Currently I am not accepting trades.


New Jessie Kid Figure

Jessie is brand new in plastic, it can come with the original box if wanted.

$6 Each




So I recently won a lot with some Absol stuff and came across another Pearly Absol TFG! I don't need two so I'm putting this one up for Best Offer~ I know these are on the rare side so nothing too low, please.


POKEMON -Pokeroms

They are $5 each

These are oddly shaped CD-Roms released during the time of the second movie, they have info of the featured Pokemon on the disk along with some educational mini-games. I would suggest NOT putting these in your computer.

SOLD: Marill


ART CARDS: ALL $10.00 Shipped

Garbodor, Serperior, Emboar, Herdier and Eelektross.

Drawn with ink, prisma markers and gel pen. These are the same size as a "Pokemon Trading Card".



 These will all be $22 each.
I will ship world wide.
These are about 6 1/2 inches tall. (Be sure to go to my art details page for a size reference next to kids figures)
This  will be a finished looking piece done with a prisma colored Markers, ink brush pens, colored pencil and gel pen. They are drawn on hard illustration board.
I can do shiny Pokemon and add any accessories or markings you wish. If they have a certain personality or gender feel free to tell me that too. 
The limit for each piece is 3 pokemon, I could fit more if the pokemon is small but please be aware that big pokemon (Legendary) will be harder to fit.
Since I'm taking 20 spots this time around, please be patient with me while I get through them. Usually I work quickly but I just want to throw that out there since I have twice as much.



Go to the link provided for more examples and size comparisons with kids: http://slothyshroom.livejournal.com/3437.html

Thanks for all your help and I can't wait to see what type of line up I have in store to draw!
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