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My Pokemon Collection

Just wanted to show off my pokemon collection, and my first post to my new group!^_^
I actually just some new plushies; Togekiss,Cherrim, and a hand-made Togepi plushie(he is just utterly adorable!)
I'm also buying real soon a suicune and raikou pokedoll!! My first ever pokedolls and I'm getting them for a nice deal!^^ Also getting a glaceon banpresto plushie for $15 with free shipping, happy! :D
Some of the figures in the first picture I'm selling but not here of course since I'm not registered yet. I also got some newer tomy figures from some sellers offsite; dewgong,meganium,stantler,mareep,jirachi,etc.
I am indeed on a hunt looking for pokemon tomy figures offsite.
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