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Pokemon Easter fun, collection update, and small sales!

Heeeyyyy. Long time no "real" post, huh? Well here it is!

Soo.. My family likes to color eggs on Easter, and I did this last year, but this year is a little different :D
Take a look!

These are the ones I made based on pokemon I like :]


These are the ones I made with marphoria  in mind :>

Should have drawn a tail on Arbok :x

aaand a Rotom and some Regular Show and Adventure time eggs for devinsparce  :o

arm :3

Collection update!

I haven't gotten any new 'gatrs in a while, so this is nice ^^

The OTHER gatr pan sticker XD I finally got it a while back, just never updated about it :>

Gatr v-trainer. I KNEW THIS EXISTED. I searched and searched for pictures, and never found any evidence of this things' existence, BUT HERE IT IS. When I saw this in a GA here, I lost my mind. <.< it's miiinnneee. Finally.

Gatr ponyan tablet! Wooo. I had heard about these game pieces, but was never super concerned with finding any... until I saw there was a gatr :>

Coloring book! Unfortunately, there's only one Gatr in the entire book :/ but he's on the cover, sooo that's what counts!

Here's my whole gatr collection to date!

:> individual shelves:


and that creepin' sandile... which brings us to our next stop--

Megu/Sandile updates!
Unfortunately, I have not been able to afford to collect this guy as heavily as I would like to :( to my knowledge I am still missing the chupa surprise figure, the keshipoke, the phone strap, the plush keychain, the newest banpresto ufo, the tomy MC figure, and possibly a couple of other things. But here is my update and what I have so far!

Jakks figure yyyeeaaahhh :>

This little guy... I haven't seen anyone post about these yet. I believe it's still made by Jakks Pacific, but it's just this little figure on a platform, and then he hooks into this little roller so he can roll around. The set also came with 2 other pokemon (which are for sale further down) and a pokeball yo-yo type.. toy.
Here it is:

the pokeball is able to slip onto your finger, and then you can retract it up and down like a yo-yo.. and then the bottom does this:

So basically.. you're supposed to yo-yo the ball down, and then when that panel inside hits the pokemon, the ball closes to "catch" them. It didn't work very well when I tried it out, but it's a cool concept I guess lol.

Retsuden stamp!

aaand finally, the Banpresto Namco prize ufo :] (LOVE THIS SO MUCGH <3)

Sandile shelf! (going to need more room soon)

Now for sales!

$7 each :>
Zoroark sold!

$1 each Both sold!

I ship from the US to anywhere, I typically ship 4 days after receiving payment to allow time for Paypal to transfer the money (as I can't afford to front it myself) aand paypal only please :]

ALSO! nightmare_chan2  and soulsilver_iv , your items were shipped last thursday :] they should be to you soon!

Thanks for looking!
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