Fineapple Princess (mizuhokusanagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Fineapple Princess

Small sale for a big want!~

Ok guys... So, I was thinking about it, and I REALLY want a giant Tsutarja plush! :D There's really only one thing to sell for me, since I aren't as fond of it as I would have hoped, and it's my *Shiny* Entei pokedoll. I'm selling him for a straght price of $225.00 plus shipping, OR I could a partial trade for one! (I think of it as having a $150 value..) He is in perfect condition, and there is only one small crease on his tag.

Sales Permission granted by Denkimouse 4/24/2011. :D

Also, I would be interesting in doing a partial trade for these...

*Reshiram Pokedoll
*Serperior, and Samurott Large pokecenter plush, and pokedolls. (No love for Emboar..)
*GIANT 1:1 Tsutarja pokecenter plush! :D (My #1 want ATM)

Also! Is there anyone on here who could do a commission for Professor Juniper's lab coat? :3 I will be cosplaying as her in October for EXP Con in St. Ausgustine, Florida, and that's pretty much all I can't find on my own! :D (Obviously I won't need for a few months, but I'm going to ask now so I'm not rushing to get one later..) Thankies!~
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