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An all new GA

start a new GA

GA#4 by couchpotatonet




- Granted sales permission on 03/10/11 by denkimouse

- All standard community and GA rules apply!

- Bidding will end on Saturday, April 30th @ 12 am (midnight) CST

- Please make bids in response to previous bids, with increments of at least $1

- Any thread with a bid placed in the last five minutes of the auction will be extended until 5 minutes has passed without a bid.

- No deleting bids or backing out.

-  Bids are in increments of $1.

- You must be ready to pay immediately once the invoice is in.

- There will be 2 payments. 

                Payment 1 – auction price + shipping to me 

                Payment 2 - shipping from me to you

-  I will be claiming Agumon, Greymon, Gengar poke change ball, Eevee Hasbro beanie & Togepi poke change ball  for $15.  There are a few more I would like to have so I will be bidding also.

Please wait while put up threads, Thanks.

I'm SO SORRY!!!  I forgot the cut. ;_;

Okay, Threads up.  BID!!

We Won!!,true

Payment #1 PMs to be sent out soon (Update 5/1/11)
Boxed arrived today, Payment #2 notices to be sent out soon (Updated 5/17/11)

Tags: bulbasaur, butterfree, charizard, eevee, gengar, gligar, group auction, heracross, hoppip, jigglypuff, koffing, lickitung, meowth, mew, pikachu, poliwag, poliwhirl, psyduck, quagsire, squirtle

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