eeveelution (eeveelution) wrote in pkmncollectors,

woop; just like i said, here's my tiny cards sale post! :D some from the newer sets, some from the neo sets!

Few things to note:
I can only accept PayPal.
Shipping is $1.50 anywhere.
All of these are holo unless noted otherwise.

HEY! If you're looking for any common/uncommon/non-holo rares from Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, or Great Encounters, (and Neo sets) don't be afraid to ask. :D

I don't have a very good camera, so pictures are from pokebeach. All cards are in excellent condition.

Blaziken: $2.00
Blastoise: $2.50
Darkrai: $3.00 (f-ing 3rd time i had this card already fglglmdgf)
Flygon: $2.00
Heracross: $2.00 (different kind of holo)
Metagross: $1.75
Tyranitar: $1.50
Entei (rev. holo): $1.50
Garchomp (rev. holo): $1.50
Celebi (rev. holo): $1.50
Venusaur (non-holo. this card's art is f-ing awesome): $1.00
Koga's Beedrill: $1.00
Heracross: $2.00 (one is 1st edition; tack on .25 if you want him.)
Jumpluff: $1.00
Unown A: $1.00
Delibird: $2.00
Shining Noctowl: $4.00
Dark Porygon 2: $1.00

i also have these Japanese cards. :D? They are both non-holo.
Jungle Pikachu: $5.00
Umbreon: $3.00
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