Toz (happyjolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tiny Sales and site update

Hey everyone, just a reminder that my auctions are ending in less than an hour! In case you missed the original post, the following items are up for auction:

Auctions have ended! The following items with no bids can now be bought at the start price:

Mightyena TFG ($20)
Clear Suicune Posable Gachapon Figure ($15)
Rayquaza Large AG Figure ($20)
Pokemon Center Skitty Pillow ($20)
Gym Heroes Booklet ($10)

You can find the auctions here!

Also, thanks to feraligroggles's post earlier today, I went to TRU and picked up a few new items! Two of them are the Jakks Zoroark figures, so I've updated my collection page with them here:

And two little items for sale from that TRU run:

Pokemon Pidove and Sandile Jakks Figures

Pidove is the regular figure and Sandile is the Pokemon Catcher figure. You can see just how tiny it is in comparison!

I'd like to sell these guys as well, so they'd be $5 for Pidove and $4 for Sandile, if anyone's interested! (I also have an attacking Pikachu from the set for $1, if anyone wants!)
Tags: sales, zoroark
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