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GB and Sales

Hello Community.

As those of you who have been in talking with me in my sales post know that just recently my car's tire rod broke while I was driving, which in turn broke my engines oil tank holder and my transmission.
So I no longer have a car.

However, I have someone is willing to let me borrow their car to do post office runs. So I can still ship things, just it will be slower then I would personally like.
And also because of my post office scale I had here at home is also broken, I will now also have to make runs to the post office to give you an estimate. So it'll take longer for me to give you a quote.
I really hate it but it's what must be done.

I hope everyone understands and I do apologize any inconvenience it may cause!

onto the GB I recently did for these figures.

Well they arrived safely~
And I think they look just AMAZING
They however did not come with the launchers they are suppose to. But I personally do not mind. They are still amazing figures.

Now, since I've gotten these, I plan to buy more. Cause I really want a couple of the other figures now besides the Suicune. I just love these <3

So I will take names down for GBs.
I will only buy if all can get claimed for each set.

Suicune: blackdog333 
Entei: blackdog333 
Raikou: mandysaurus_rex, blackdog333    
Zorua: elisha1288
Pikachu: mandysaurus_rexyaoi_queen,

The Entei never was claimed in the original GB, so he is also up for sale.

Each figure will be $2.25 each if you live in the US and $2.27 if outside of the US.

These prices are BEFORE shipping from me to you. Like I said in the beginning of the post, I will have to take one to the post office and see how much it probably would be to anywhere within the US and outside of the US before I give an exact estimate.

If anyone wishes to see closer pictures of the figures, let me know. I have some at the ready that I can show you.

I also have a Jakks Zorua plush for sale.

Offers will start @ $9 please

And the rest of my sales here:

Remember, if you have a probably waiting for me to get you a quote, then please don't buy.

Also, if I had told you I couldn't sell anything under a certain amount, there isn't a problem now, since I was able to find that ride.
So come on back and I'll get you a quote! :D

Thanks for your time!
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